SKKU: Sungkyun Korean Humanities Association, holds an international conference, “Academic and Role of Traditional·Modern Univ

Sungkyun Korean Humanities Association (President Jae Woo Park, history professor) announced that it successfully held the international conference, “Academic and Role of Traditional·Modern Universities” on October 22 (Fri), 2021.

Sungkyun Korean Humanities Association was officially launched in February 2021 by related units of Sungkyunkwan University such as College of Confucian Studies and Eastern Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts and the Academy of East Asian Studies, to recognize the rapid social changes facing the world and Korea and the consequential various social issues, and suggest insights to solve them.

This international conference was divided into three sections. The topics for each section are as follows. Section 1: The change of Sungkyunkwan and Korean Universities, Section 2: Establishment and Study of Universities in East Asia, Section 3: East Asian Universities and Gender

This international conference was held online using ZOOM due to COVID-19, and it was a success with a total of 70 participants. Jae Yeon Oh, Professor of History and Department Chair, said, “It was a time to understand the academic traditions and the context of the times that had been held at universities in East Asian countries that had a common culture or civilization since the traditional period. Also, it was an opportunity to have a deep insight into the direction of Korean universities’ academic achievements and roles in the future.”

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