SKKU: Sungkyunkwan University, gradual implantation of in-person classes in the second semester

Starting October 5 (Tue), Sungkyunkwan University (President Dong-Ryeol Shin) announces that it will implement in-person academic activities, including experiments, practice and performance courses, small classes. This is a measure in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s recommendation to expand the proportion of in-person classes as a result of the achievement of 70% of the nation’s first-shot vaccination rate.

Sungkyunkwan university offers in-person classes for experiments, practice and performance courses, small classes with 10 or less students. In addition, theoretical classes with more than 10 students will be conducted hybrid under the condition that the number of participants in-person classes is kept below 10. Those in-person academic activities are not mandatory and in-person classes are offered under the judgement of the instructor.

Sungkyunkwan University also announced a smart quarantine plan for quarantine management of in-person classes. The electronic attendance system will be used to check the density of real-time classrooms, and the number of students will be dispersed by simultaneously conducting hybrid classes using recording classrooms. Additionally, it plans to secure a safe distance between students and conduct quarantine through managing seats in the classroom.

Furthermore, Sungkyunkwan University plans to gradually expand in-person academic activities in the future if social distancing is eased or the Ministry of Education’s quarantine guidelines considering vaccination rates are changed.

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