SKKU: Sungkyunkwan University Holds a Unique Job Fair using Metaverse

Sungkyunkwan University (President Dong-Ryeol Shin) announced that an online JOB FAIR will be held using Metaverse for two weeks from September 1 (Wed) to September 15 (Wed). Even COVID-19 couldn’t dampen students’ desire to get a job at good companies and companies’ desire to recruit excellent students.

Sungkyunkwan University holds the JOB FAIR every September and provides students the useful information on employment. Also, it provides opportunity for companies to promote themselves and to recruit highfliers early on. Last year, due to COVID-19, the job fair was held via video conference but this year, it will be held using the metaverse platform, “Gather Town”. There are about 1,500 students from Sungkyunkwan University who applied in advance, and anyone who wants to participate can apply even after September 1st.

Not only Sungkyunkwan University, but also Korea University, Sogang University, Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and Hanyang University participate in the JOB FAIR, and more than 100 companies, including global companies, and promising Tech companies, are expected to join. Students from six universities can enter each university’s space through the prescribed URL of their universities.

The job fair space will be implemented virtually in the Gather Town, Metaverse. Students can enter the school’s space implemented in the Metaverse, get consultations with HR managers of companies they want, or listen to corporate job briefing sessions. It is also possible for students to communicate and share information through chatting.

Meanwhile,Sungkyunkwan University has been working on various projects using Metaverse. On August, they have successfully held the Sungkyun Korean Writing World Contest, using Metaverse platform “IFLAND”. Also SKKU have promoted an agreement with Naver on AI-based academic information integration platform using Metaverse.

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