SKKU: Sungkyunkwan University’s School of Pharmacy received 5-year ‘accreditation’ by KACPE

Sungkyunkwan University’s School of Pharmacy (Dean: Jeung Whan Han) received a ‘5-year accreditation’ from January 2022 to December 2026 assessed by the Korean Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.

The accreditation conducted by the KACPE is a system that gives social trust by determining whether the pharmacy curriculum, various conditions for education, and post-graduation education meet the basic requirements for fostering pharmacists in Korea.

There are 21 categories in 8 sections of evaluation criteria (mission and talent exemplar, operations, curriculum, students, faculty, education environment and facilities, post-graduation programs, continuous improvement). According to the recent revision of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act (April 7, 2020), only graduates (scheduled) from universities that have been certified by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Institute from 2025 will be able to take the National Pharmaceutical Affairs Examination.

SKKU’s School of Pharmacy received excellent evaluation in detailed evaluation categories such as development plan, finance, curriculum, and performance, faculty’s research and service, faculty competency enhancement and support, graduate program by establishing the school’s mission, vision, and core values, presents prospective talents, and building a roadmap for each grade to operate a systematic curriculum. In particular, the KACPE highly appreciated the improvement of the quality of pharmaceutical education by boldly applying the university’s graduation criteria (performance). In addition, the ratio of scholarship to tuition was high, and various facilities for education and welfare of students were well managed and operated, so it was judged as excellent.

It was evaluated excellent in its research capabilities, such as receiving research funds and publishing IF10 or higher papers, and consulting and seminars for the development of teacher capabilities were also evaluated as excellent. It operates various types of degree courses to foster the next generation of academics, and has a well-established graduate student support system and scholarship system. So, it has been judged excellent that the full-time graduate student scholarship rate reached almost 100%.

Jeung Whan Han, Dean of School of Pharmacy said, “By systematically analyzing the results of this evaluation, we will further develop the sections that were judged excellent, find and supplement improvement measures for the rest of sections, contribute to the improvement of the quality of pharmaceutical education, and strengthen the role of the best university leading domestic pharmaceutical education.”

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