Skola Toys Unveils India’s First Learning Toys Range


Bengaluru: Skola Toys today launched India’s first range of toys designed with learning at its core. The range is a distillate of over two decades of global Research & Development in Toy Design & Manufacture, Child Psychology & Child Education. Skola Toys are self-correcting & self-paced wooden toys that work together to help children aged 2-7 learn a variety of concepts in the areas of Numbers, Language, Dexterity, Environment, Culture and Cognition through play.

Skola Toys is the brainchild of Mridula Shridhar, VK Manikandan & Nitish Agrawal. Speaking on the concept of Skola Toys, Mridula Shridhar (Co-Founder) said, “Play is the highest form of consequential learning. It is always intrinsically driven, which means that the child already enjoys what she/he is doing. If learning is designed as play, we will have a set of extremely competent learners who are self-motivated to achieve more, besides being happy and confident.”

Skola Toys has been designed keeping Experiential & Sequential Learning Principles in mind, backed by child psychologists, child experts & educationists, across the globe. The Skola Toys range is crafted in the form of ‘Lands’ and ‘Journeys’. A ’Journey’ is a collection of toys that when played with sequentially inculcates a specific skill among children.‘Land’ on the other hand is a collection of Journeys that caters to a broader area of skills. E.g. In the Land of Language, Alphabet & Words are Journeys and they will work together to strengthen the child’s language skills. All Journeys are incrementally challenging and developmentally appropriate. At the moment, the range has 9 Journeys and 6 Lands. And they are being retailed through .

“Over the last 25 years, the founding team has conceptualised, designed & manufactured thought provoking educational materials for over 40,000 children in 10,000 schools in India, Middle East & USA. And through Skola Toys, we are aiming to provide parents with toys that will supplement what their child learns at school, at home,” said VK Manikandan, Co-Founder of Skola Toys. The founding team is also behind Kido Enterprises & Kreedo Early Education Centres.

About Skola Toys: Skola Toys is India’s first range of toys designed with learning at its core. Made for children between 2 years & 7 years, Skola Toys’ design principles have been scientifically backed by child psychologists, child experts & educationists including Montessori teachers. Founded by Mridula Shridhar, VK Manikandan & Nitish Agrawal, Skola Toys was set up to fill the void that existed in the Early Learning & Learning Toy category for intelligently designed toys. Skola Toys help children learn through play and also keeps them engaged. Skola Toys uses Experiential Learning & Sequential Learning through ‘Journeys’ & ‘Lands’ to help children pick up crucial skills in areas like Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, Social Science, Science, Cognition & Creativity.