Skootr Launches SkootrOne Mobile Application, Available on All Android Devices

New Delhi: Skootr, India’s only ‘premium managed office space’ provider has announced the launch of its new app, SkootrOne for Android mobile devices, soon available on iOS as well.

Skootr, India’s only ‘premium managed office space’ provider has announced the launch of its new app, SkootrOne for Android mobile devices, soon available on iOS as well. This intelligent addition to Skootr’s technology suite and IT solutions illustrates the company’s initiative in building the most advanced workspace experience for its clients, employees, and other important stakeholders.

Given the current circumstances surrounding the pandemic, this in-house developed office management app, built on a highly secure and latest technology platform, aims to make the transition to ‘new normal’ and return to the workplace a far less turbulent process for the workforce.

With more than 15 on-demand services and 20+ building automation tools, the users get a one-stop robust solution for all office management activities and related services, a seamless workspace experience, and optimal utilization of existing resources through a secure and efficient real time tracking system.

Speaking on the launch, Ankit Jain, Co-founder, and Director, Skootr, said, “As we plan to expand and grow our presence across PAN India, the need to be actively present across all centres and to bring them together on a common platform becomes more important than ever. SkootrOne app offers our stakeholders an intelligent central office management platform with groundbreaking technology, making it easier to connect and share experiences & issues irrespective of geographical limitations. We are thrilled to share that the value added services and integration of all office management activities in the SkootrOne app makes it first-of-its-kind in the flexible workspace segment.”

Some of the innovative features on the SkootrOne App include:

Highly encrypted data ensures safe and secure communication in the digital ecosystem.
One-stop solution, multiple CRM applications have been integrated within the module making it robust in use.
Reduced physical encounters, stringent compliance with protocols via touch-less entry, pre-booking of visitor’s parking and auto check-ins, complaint/request ticket raising system and real time tracking, emergency panic button for difficult and urgent situations.
Improved User Interface, integration of various IoT devices with the app ensures smooth functioning, better and secure communication between vendors, clients, internal employees amidst other users through an in-built chat function.
Quick redressal with better collaboration between the customer relations department and services department, benefitting the client with faster turnaround on request resolution.
Substantial increase in efficiency, central facility management helps to optimize the activities and costs associated with services department, people intervention and travel redundancy is reduced, mapping of operational performance & customer satisfaction is improved.
Building automation, in the next phase of development, the app will also connect several building automation tools to facilitate centralized control of the office’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and sound system, with easy mobile access from anywhere.

Commenting on the app development, Abhay Panjiyar, the head of IT department at Skootr, said, “The idea behind SkootrOne app was to enable a single platform offering a plethora of value added services and office management features to save on the time and effort which is otherwise involved in execution of regular office management and associated requests. This app is a result of numerous brainstorming sessions and months of hard work, and we couldn’t be happier with the final outcome. Having said that, our team is committed to keep innovating and improving what we have developed so far to complement Skootr’s growth plans.”

This best-in-class mobile application serves as the catalyst for Skootr’s entirely new focus — redefining and transforming office management and workspace experience. The launch of the new app is the first step in the growth journey of Skootr as the company rapidly moves towards becoming a pioneer in offering intelligent and personalized offices in the long term.