Snapdeal partners with Dailyhunt; 400 million online users across Bharat to access news feed in 14 Indian languages

Gurugram: Snapdeal, India’s leading value-focused online marketplace, has partnered with India’s #1 local language content aggregator, Dailyhunt to add news to the Snapdeal platform.

The integration of Dailyhunt’s feed will provide news related to politics, sports, business, art, technology, cinema etc. The feed will also have a human interest section with motivational quotes, message of the day, and political satire.

The news content will be available in 14 languages including Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, English, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Odiya, Punjabi, Urdu and others to serve Snapdeal’s non-metro users from all across India.

Nearly 80% of Snapdeal’s business comes from Tier 2 cities & beyond. More than 70 million users visit Snapdeal every month to browse and buy from Snapdeal’s vast catalogue spanning nearly 213 million listings. Snapdeal users will be able to access the news content from within Snapdeal’s properties without the need to install standalone apps.

Snapdeal is available in nine vernacular languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Gujarati. Along with providing access to news in regional languages, the partnership brings added benefits of driving greater visibility and performance for Snapdeal. Dailyhunt will not only integrate Snapdeal content into its feed, create specialized vernacular content and will run Snapdeal’s advertisements including product videos on its platform.

As both online shopping and content platforms are seeing a huge spike as homebound users across the country are spending more time online – browsing both for content as well as products they need to buy. This arrangement between Snapdeal & Dailyhunt leverages the synergy between shopping & content with a well-defined focus on Bharat.

Snapdeal spokesperson said, “Snapdeal offers a customised assortment feed to each of our buyers that recognises their distinct needs and varied preferences woven around shared themes of great products at value prices. Our partnership with Dailyhunt furthers this emphasis on personalising the experience for each user and celebrating the rich and diverse tapestry that is Bharat. With Dailyhunt, we are excited to bring content to our users in their local language and flavor.”

Dailyhunt spokesperson, “We are excited to partner with Snapdeal and it comes at an opportune time. A self-reliant India is one that is also deeply connected and always informed, and our shared vision of serving Bharat is at the very heart of this partnership. Together, we aim to keep our users engaged and well looked after by providing access to high quality content, personalized feeds and super exciting catalogues.”

Dailyhunt group has 330 million monthly active users who have accessed the platform from 95% of India’s pincodes.