Snehadhara Foundation Conducts Workshop with Facilitators at MatriKiran School

Mumbai: Snehadhara Foundation recently conducted a workshop with facilitators at MatriKiran Junior School. The workshop was coordinated by Ms. Gitanjali Sarangan (an educationist, a social entrepreneur, an Arts Based Therapy (ABT) Practitioner) and was attainted by students and teachers.

The main focus of the workshop was to understand the theory and practice of various forms of art and how these can be used in working with children. The workshop highlighted the importance of creating a space for children that would allow them to bring up questions, share feelings, reflect on thoughts, and discuss self-image, events in the world and relationships.
Gitanjali Sarangan is an educationist, a social entrepreneur, an Arts Based Therapy (ABT) Practitioner and an ABT Guide for Bangalore and South India with over a decade’s experience in teaching a diverse population of children and adults.

It was an amazing and wonderful experience for all the participants. Overall the workshop was motivational, inspiring, communicative and effective.