Social app Chingari & BCFI launch India Open Juggling contest

New Delhi: If you are a sports enthusiast and enjoy a social media presence, then social app Chingari and Board of Chaunna Federation for India (BCFI) have brought the perfect contest for you — India Open Juggling.

The contest, which will have a separate category for Girls and Boys, has been designed to reward those with talent to juggle the football using free flow.

To participate in the contest, all you need to do is to put your 60-second-long (maximum time limit) video in which you are juggling the ball on the popular ‘Made in India Chingari’ platform. The video should be uninterrupted.

Mr. Ashu Gupta, General Secretary, BCFI, “We choose the Chingari application for this event because billions of Indian youths love it and are VOCAL for this LOCAL platform. Recently, our hon’ble PM also praised Chingari for providing India with an Atma Nirbhar social platform. For us, it is highly appreciable to be associated with Chingari App. We appreciate Chingari’s cooperation and support.”

Mr. Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder and CEO of Chingari App, said, “Chaunna soccer is the new sensation among the sports enthusiasts as an organised platform for mini football format in India and this sporting project is our joint effort to appreciate and recognize Indian talent to the world for this year. This entire project has been designed as the perfect amalgamation of sports and social media as the squad of 90 players out of 180 will be decided on the basis of the number of likes their video garners. We are very excited for this online project and look forward to excellent video entries from our youths of ‘Fit India’ between October 20, 2020 and November 10, 2020.”

Mr. Deepak Salvi, Co-founder and COO of Chingari App, said, “Chingari has always been a step ahead in offering different user engagements and this time, we are providing an opportunity in sports. With this contest, sports enthusiasts can now become stars.”

The contest, which will kick off from October 20 and continue till November 10, is open for all Indian citizens, NRIs, PIOs, and OCIs. Entry forms are available on BCFI’s website. A candidate must fill and submit it with a video on the Chingari app to secure likes and get the link from the federation. The results will be announced on November 25th.

To register for the contest, an Indian living in India will need to pay just Rs 150 and those Indians living outside India would be required to submit Rs 350. The amount shall be directly put in the BCFI bank account — HDFC Bank A/c No. 50100 3497 43882; IFSC Code — HDFC0009042. (Read entry form properly)

Here is all you need to know about the contest:-

An Indian living in another country may represent their country /continent. Top/selected players will be decided on the number of juggling in a given time along with the likes on the Chingari platform.

Segment: Boys & Girls for surface & beach

Category Boys: (Sub- Junior & Junior)

Sub- Junior- Under- 14 (On 1st June 2007 or after)

Junior Under- 18 (On 1st June 2003 or after)

Open division above 18th

Category Girls: (Sub- Junior & Junior)

Sub- Junior, Under 14 (On 1st June 2007 or after)

Junior, Under- 18, (On 1st June 2003 or after)

Open division above 18

Primary round

This is an introductory round to start filtering physically fit Indians of all age groups. Participants will get e- certificate of participation from the National Federation for this round as per terms.

To go on to the next round, a minimum of 100 likes should be there on your video at Chingari. Only the top 15 players of each segment and category will be selected for the next round.

Your video may be kept for a maximum seven days on-board to get maximum likes. To get more likes, you can send more clipping with an additional cost of Rs 100 and you will be sent the link to get likes accordingly. You are allowed to go ahead with this process of garnering more likes by paying an additional amount more than once. The amount to do the same for NRIs/PIOs/OCIs is Rs 150 only.

The likes and comments of your first video along with the likes and comments of the additional will be calculated for the next round. In case you are competing for Asian round, your likes and comments will be calculated there as well.

Main round

Only selected individuals will get intimation further to submit fresh fee and fresh video for this national round of Continental and World Juggling Championship.

After successfully covering primary round and garnering a good number of likes, you will get a chance into the next round and every player will get an e-Certificate of participation as a participant of round-2 from organizer and soon, you will get informed about the prizes for top jugglers.

Keep note: This is a free flow style juggling competition. Also, if you are not attaching bank/online payment’s screenshot, you will not be entitled to take part. Lastly, more than 100 top players will take part in Continental & World Juggling Championship 2021 from India.

A participant will have to send all documents and videos to – [email protected]. It is advised to attach a clear address & photo identity. The last date of sending the video clip for the primary round is 10th November, 2020