Social Responsibility Amidst Lockdown, Vijaybhoomi University Shows the Way

Karjat: In a bid to help the local villages in and around Karjat, Maharashtra, the faculty and staff of Vijaybhoomi University distributed survival kits to around 550 families in more than 10 neighbouring villages.

The University, through its aid, recognized the economic stress faced by the children, women and the elderly of these villages and put together these survival kits. These kits consisted of essentials such as Dal, Chana, Salt, Turmeric, Red Pepper, and daily use items such as toothpaste, bathing soap and washing soap.

Sanjay Padode, President, Vijaybhoomi University, said, “The pandemic has snatched many people of their livelihoods. Vijaybhoomi University located in Karjat, Greater Mumbai is surrounded by 10 villages. Many of the families in these villages depend on monies earned by their members through daily wages in Mumbai and Pune city. The lockdown has deprived the daily wage workers of their work and in turn left their families in an impoverished state. Vijaybhoomi University upholds social responsibility as one of its key anchors of its curriculum and its mission. We are committed to the welfare of society and more so for the ecosystem that surrounds us. This effort of supporting the villages is just the beginning, as we grow in student numbers we shall continue to enhance the prosperity in this region ”

The drive also witnessed the participation of local administration and community leaders. “More than 550 families in 10 villages around the University were beneficiaries of this initiative. These villages include Solan Pada, Kamath Pada, Saravadi, Jamrung, Hirevadi, Peth, Dev Pada, Thombarevadi, Panchkadakvadi and Tembhare Farm” said Dattatrey Pimparkar, Sarpach of the Jamrung Village Panchayat.

Informing about the source of funds, Dean of Vijaybhoomi University, Professor Pravin Mishra shred that “the funds to prepare these survival kits were raised by the students of IFIM Institutions, Bangalore and Vijaybhoomi University during their annual marathon “Kanyathon”. Eight edition of Kanyathon, which is an annual run towards saving the girl child, took place in March this year”.

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