Softline helps Raiffeisenbank Russia strengthen its infrastructure security


LONDON:  Softline Russia has audited the bank’s Active Directory (AD) for compliance with the best international practices, security requirements and infrastructure support.

Active Directory is a Microsoft Windows server component that stores information about infrastructure objects, users and access rights. This is like a door to a vault, which means that the security of this door needs to be regularly checked. The audit has identified potential weak spots of the system and enabled the customer to create an infrastructure hardening plan.


Representatives of Raiffeisenbank in Russia highly appreciated the quality, speed and results of the audit performed by a Softline engineer. The success and efficiency of AD audit projects are ensured by unique software developed and used by Softline Premier Services, the extensive experience and deep expertise in Microsoft solutions, its components, and architecture. For example, a comprehensive AD and security audit takes just one week.


The customer already had pre-installed software for automatic data collection and analysis. As a result, all the necessary information had already been collected, a preliminary analysis was prepared by the time the specialist started the work. Most of the potential problems were detected automatically and the engineer verified them and developed an infrastructure upgrade plan.


Based on the project results, he prepared a detailed report describing potential problems that could affect system performance. The engineer from Softline Premier Services provided a detailed plan and recommendations for eliminating the weak spots.


“Banks are very sensitive to security: this is a matter of paramount importance for them. The fact that such a major player in the financial market chose us for this audit proves their trust in the qualification of our engineers and the quality of our service.


The customer took a very responsible attitude to the audit: they collected all the necessary information and provided us with detailed requirements, which produced a synergistic effect. The bank was clearly interested in getting the most out of this project and highly appreciated the quality of our work,”—said Alexander Khramov, Head of Business Development Group at Softline Premier Services.


“The security of the bank’s digital services is our key priority, and it is crucial for us to comply with the best international standards. We considered offers from several partners, but Softline’s solution had the most extensive functionality, including the largest number of system checks. Colleagues approached the work very responsibly: they made appointments, conducted interviews, tweaked all scripts to work correctly, and, as a result, collected all the necessary information. And even when they faced some difficulties, they promptly solved them. We are really happy with the result. We plan to continue our partnership with Softline and have already outlined possible directions for it,”—said Pavel Nagin, Head of the Cyberattack Response and Prevention Group at Raiffeisenbank Russia.