Solidarity Statement supporting peers from JNU from IIM Shillong Fraternity

Shillong: All the students of IIM Shillong vehemently condemn the recent stint of events that have not only tarnished one of the most prestigious institutes in the country but have also stigmatized the contemporary higher education scenario around the country.

We ardently believe that temples of learning which carry the responsibility of being a beacon of light for the country cannot become centres of violence and hooliganism. India’s past is reminiscent of the great traditions of debate, discourse and discussion and these institutes are an embodiment of the same. We, as a nation, can never tolerate such attempts aimed at belittling the spirit of these institutions.

We, therefore, express our unequivocal condemnation against the unfortunate events that have besmirched the core and sacrosanct values enshrined in the spirit of this nation. Our unswerving solidarity goes with the students of JNU in their fight against those who are trying to defeat all that this nation stands for.