SoME joins forces with St. Agnes College to drive home the importance of people skills 

Students, parents and professionals from across Mangaluru attended the two-hour session on “Understanding the challenges and the importance of people skills in 21st-century schools and colleges” by Rakesh Godhwani at the prestigious institute. 

Mangaluru: The School of Meaningful Experiences (SoME) today conducted an engaging session on “Understanding the challenges and the importance of people skills in 21st-century schools and colleges” at St. Agnes College (Autonomous) in Mangaluru. Students, parents and professionals from across the city attended the two-hour session by Rakesh Godhwani, Founder and CEO of the Bengaluru-based education start-up.


Organised by the 101- year- old prestigious institute’s Post-graduate Department of English, the in-person session was open to the public, and it witnessed animated discussions and deliberations. As knowledge partner for the event, SoME shed light on the value in enhancing soft skills, or people skills, particularly among the younger generation.


Rakesh Godhwani, Founder & CEO, SoME, stated, “The 21st-century education world is beset with unique challenges, compounded by the pervasiveness of technology and social media. School and college students today have to deal with myriad problems, like low self-esteem, probable bullying, inability to feel inspired, and confusion about career choices, among others. Forcing them to get good marks and scolding them when they fail will negatively impact their mental health. It is time for parents and teachers to have an open discussion about the new challenges in education and how to tackle them carefully. This will enable us to effect change, thereby empowering our kids to become well-adjusted, lifelong learners. I would like to thank St. Agnes College for taking this key initiative and encouraging crucial conversations on topics that shape the future of our children.”


Dr. Venissa, Principal, St. Agnes College (Autonomous), noted, “Educators, thinkers, parents and the general public need to come together to find new ways of facilitating people skills among students and incorporating them into the curriculum. Along with technical skills, interpersonal competence makes the individual competent in the workplace and empathetic in society. At St Agnes College, we are committed to providing holistic learning in the field of higher education, and we ensure that socio-emotional learning coverage is integrated into classroom teaching. We are grateful to Mr Godhwani and SoME for making today’s session so engaging and inspiring.”