Sona College of Technology and Vee Technologies create ‘Corona-Scan’ and ‘Corona-Support’ apps in response to Covid-19 crisis

Salem: In response to a call by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for solutions to check the spread of the deadly Covid-19, the engineering students of Sona College of Technology, Salem and engineers of Vee Technologies, Bengaluru have created two apps.

The first of these, ‘Corona-Scan’ proactively allows public health officials to map individuals who were in close proximity with a possibly infected or active Corona Virus patient.

The second is a corresponding user app, ‘Corona-Support’ asks the public for their voluntary registration. If an individual tests positive a voluntary status update can be entered in the app, helping health authorities and experts tracking the spread of the virus get accurate information.

The ‘Carona-Support’ app is intended to be of immense value to anyone wishing to protect the community from further spread.

“The third-year students of Sona College of Technology — Bernotsha, Aravind Kumar and Naveen Kumar — under guidance of Prof Akilandeswari J and Vee Technologies team have built a robust app pair ‘Corona-Scan’ and ‘Carona-Support in a matter of days’. This will go a long way to contain spread of Covid-19,” says Mr Chocko Valliappa, CEO, Vee Technologies who thought of the idea.

By tracking and recording people within 3 to 5 metres every 2 minutes, the ‘Carona-Scan’ app generates live data of people in close proximity to one another. By mapping people who may have been infected and risk infecting others, Public Health officials can identify and take appropriate action to connect with them over the phone and keep them under observation, isolation or recommend testing. The ‘Carona-Scan’ app identifies how many times an individual has been in close proximity to the infected person in the designated period.

Inviting like-minded organisations to help adoption and propagation of these apps Mr Valliappa said, “The success of the two apps lies in rapidly growing the number of users voluntarily. More the number of users the better the chances of breaking the chain of community spread.”

While the ‘Corona-Scan’ app will be available to the Public Health officials, the ‘Carona-Support’ app can soon be downloaded from play store. The apps will be entered in the competition announced by the Prime Minister. The app can run on any smartphone. The registration process seeks the name and phone number of the app user.

The Sona Valliappa Group of educational institutions in Salem have over six decades delivered quality education across Engineering, Technology and Management through its undergraduate to doctoral programs.

Students of the Thiagarajar Polytechnic College, a Sona group institution, built an energy efficient “e-bike Fuerza” that won the first prize in 2019 competition by AICTE.

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