Sonali Bendre launches bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi’s new book ‘The Vault of Vishnu’ at JLF 2020

Jaipur: Bollywood star Sonali Bendre Behl launched one of the highest-selling fiction-thriller authors in the country, Ashwin Sanghi’s latest book, The Vault of Vishnu, the sixth book in the Bharat series, in a fully-packed ‘Front Lawns’ of Jaipur Literature Festival 2020 today.

Published by Westland Publications (an Amazon company), the book is now available in online and offline bookstores across the story. The audiobook of ‘The Vault of Vishnu’ also released today and can be downloaded from the Audible India app.

The Vault of Vishnu welcomes the reader back to the exciting and shadowy world of Ashwin Sanghi that is relished by conspiracy buffs, mytho-historical fans and thriller addicts alike.

Ashwin began the session by referring to Sonali as his lucky charm. The Vault of Vishnu, brings together two great cultures of India and China, and has an intriguing and mind-boggling narrative of mythology, mystery, and flights.

Responding to Sonali’s questions, Sanghi said that it took two years of ardent research in shaping the novel which extended from India to China through cultures of both great nations.

Religion and philosophy

Ashwin Sanghi said, “Religion and philosophy are different. While philosophy is a perpetual quest while religion limits the man’s thinking, religion makes a man believe in something.” He narrated how he walked about two kilometers and placed his first published book at the feet of Lord Ganesh at Siddi Vinayak temple, not because God will read it but will give him the power to do more.

From the corporate world to gods and cultures

Ashwin Sanghi, coming from a corporate family, said that he gave up counting debits and credits and has plunged into writing due to his reading habit inculcated by brother of his grandfather who gifted him over 300 books over a period of time.

Having developed a unique genre of Indian mythology laced with adventure, he believes there is no such thing as perfection.

The root of all of Ashwin’s books are Bharat, which is why it’s called the Bharat series.

Signing off Ashwin said, “Darkness and light are not the opposite. They exist in the absence of the other. Likewise, truth and untruth exist in the absence of the other. My writings are close to the truth.”

He said that we Indians have forgotten the wealth of our knowledge which was honored and revered by China when Buddhism reached them. He said that we have forgotten what we had, We have so much rich tradition, culture, literature everything that we have for asking. All that we have to do is to go for it. Answering to a question, he said that if you put History and Mythology in a particle reactor chamber and bang against each other, what remains is Mystery, a mixture of both.