Sonam Wangchuk Addresses Students at MYTRAHtalks in New Delhi to Promote Growth in the Energy Industry


New Delhi, October 15, 2018: Mytrah Energy (India) Pvt Ltd (MEIPL), India’s leading independent power producer, today organised its signature event MYTRAHtalks in New Delhi, addressing over 300 students. The event was designed to educate students on the growing awareness about sustainability in India, exemplified by the incredible growth story of the country’s renewable energy industry. This sector has been a driving force of positive change and the significant capital investment in manufacturing, project development and allied services has led to increased job opportunities in this field for young people.

The Delhi chapter of MYTRAHtalks, organised at Amity Institute of Alternate & Renewable Energy (AIARE), was led by Sonam Wangchuk, renowned engineer, innovator, education reformist and one of the winners of the 2018 Ramon Magsaysay award, and R. Somasundaram, Head of Strategic Initiatives at Mytrah Energy.

Addressing the students, Sonam Wangchuk said, “In these challenging times, as our planet grapples with the detrimental impact of climate change, India needs to emerge as a solution provider to the world’s environmental woes. I call on everyone to commit to adopting clean renewable energy options as a means to working towards our sustainable development goals. Alternate energy is an unstoppable force and our youth should seize this moment to help India make headway in the global scenario. It is extremely heartening to note Mytrah Energy’s focused commitment to make this a reality and I am delighted to play a small role in this movement that will shape a better tomorrow.”

R. Somasundaram, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Mytrah Energy said, “There is now a growing awareness about the negative environmental impact of our everyday actions be it in the form air pollution, water table depletion, plastic waste generation or other such outcomes. People also realize that finding a solution is not just the prerogative of the government or large organizations – all of us can contribute towards this cause. We hope that the session being organized under the aegis of MYTRAHtalks will trigger meaningful conversations about ways to grow sustainably and restore the health of our planet.”

The talk also covered a fireside panel discussion between Mytrah Energy, Wangchuk and the top management from Amity, New Delhi. Dr. VK Jain, Scientist & Professor, Amity University, New Delhi said, “Long back after the development of the technology of solar cells, it was thought that solar cells can be used in space satellites due to their high cost. At that time nobody thought the day will come when the cost of these solar cells will come down so much, even cheaper than conventional electricity that a common man will use the power from solar cells for their home. Since I was involved from very beginning, from space quality solar cells to now, many efforts and hard work has been done to reduce its cost. New materials and low-cost technologies have been investigated to reduce the same. This change has also pressed to generate the trained manpower in large number. Now this field has spread out from Ph.D research level to the graduate level in many universities. Efforts are also in producing the skilled manpower to meet the demands. An appreciable step has been taken up by Mytrah Energy to give more awareness to our youth under the leadership of an engineer, innovator & education reformist, Mr. Sonam Wangchuk.”

In addition to incisive panel discussions from several industry luminaries, MYTRAHtalks had also announced a call for case studies and research papers from students, faculty and researchers. The competition has been organised with the aim to provide a platform for those with an entrepreneurial mind-set to gain recognition for their ideas on shaping a sustainable future.
Today Mytrah Energy announced the two winners. Vipul Gupta from Delhi is chosen as the finalist who will compete at the national level and Apurv Yadav from the city is the runner-up. The winners were felicitated at the event.