Sookshmas Civil Services Preparatory Program gaining popularity amongst Lucknow Students

Lucknow: Sookshmas is a unique learning platform that blends elements of social media and education to provide an easy and fun-filled learning ecosystem to students and teachers where they discuss and resolve various topics. In the past year, Sookshmas has witnessed a tremendous increase in the registration of students in Lucknow or the preparation of IAS, PCS, and other government exams. The number has grown from 10,000 to 18,500 as students are identifying the advantages of such interactive and advanced learning programs to achieve their dream career.

Students in Lucknow are passionate about pursuing their career in IAS, PCS, and other government jobs which is not easy to accomplish with the conventional education system prevailing in the society. Hereby, Sookshmas is a leading dynamic learning platform that attracts students with its engaging educational features and impressive learning outcomes. More and more number of students in Lucknow are enrolling for Sookshmas to leverage this interactive learning platform to clarify their academic doubts by posting questions. The platform is open for teachers as well and the interested ones can use the platform to revert to the challenging questions of apprentices.

An advantage of Sookshmas is that student in Lucknow preparing for civil services in Hindi have thousands of others to learn from. In the past, many students preparing for IAS, PCS, and government exams suffered because there was limited material to help them learn in Hindi, however, because of Sookshmas they have access to vast material in this language.

Speaking about Sookshmas growing popularity in Lucknow, Mr. Kamlesh Jang Bahadur Singh, Founder of Sookshmas said “We wanted to create a platform that allowed students to have a rewarding learning experience as possible. I think we’ve succeeded in our endeavor and our success is evident in Lucknow where thousands of new users have signed up to use Sookshmas. Essentially we’ve done something few educators deemed possible; we’ve made learning fun. Students love using Sookshmas because, like social media, it is enticing yet instead of wasting student’s time it ensures time is spent productively in the study”.

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