Sorbonne University Launches its Alumni Network

Graduates of Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV), Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI) or Sorbonne University, you are all members of the Sorbonne University community!

Sorbonne University has chosen to bring together all disciplines across the arts, humanities, medicine, science and engineering, by developing a large network of academic, public and economic partners throughout the world.

You have studied on our campuses, and know how committed our academic and research teams are on a daily basis. You came back to share your experiences with students, to collaborate in research and innovation, to participate in thesis juries… you know how precious your commitment is to us. You keep our Alumni Clubs alive, and know exactly how curious, open and supportive the members of our community are.

Like us, you are sensitive to the health crisis and the issues it has accentuated: the place of science in society, the profound changes in health, environmental transition, artificial intelligence, intercultural dialogue and discussions about tangible and intangible heritage, among many other subjects.

Because we share common values and convictions, today we’re launching the Sorbonne University alumni network.

You, our alumni, make up more than 400,000 graduates throughout the world. Together, we can disseminate knowledge, better accompany each new generation towards success and advance research for the common good.

Together, we can contribute to the development of the professional projects and businesses of all members of the Sorbonne University community.

This network has been designed to respond to your aspirations and convictions.

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