SOS Children’s Villages of India Awarded with Prestigious Mahatma Award 2021 For Social Impact in Childcare

Delhi: SOS Children’s Villages of India (SOSCVI), the largest self-implementing childcare NGO in the country, has been awarded with the prestigious Mahatma Award 2021 for its social impact in childcare. The organization has been honored for its excellence in child care, as well as for its exemplary initiatives to take care of the needs of children during the pandemic.


Dr. Kiran Bedi, former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry and social activist, was the Chief Guest for the award ceremony that also saw the august presence of leaders from the Indian industry.


On the occasion, Mr. Sumanta Kar, Secretary General, SOS Children’s Villages of India, said: “It is a matter of great honour for us to receive the Mahatma Award for our initiatives for the welfare of children. Being recognized as leaders of social impact in childcare holds immense significance to us, as it highlights the core values of SOSCVI. We stand for providing a basket of quality care solutions for children who have lost parental care or who are at the risk of losing it, to ensure their comprehensive development.”


Mahatma Award, founded by social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Amit Sachdeva, honours individuals and organizations that leverage their resources, expertise, and talent to make a positive impact for the larger good. SOSCVI was chosen for the award by the selection committee of Mahatma Award recognizing its positive impact among the lives of children and the vulnerable communities in the society.