SOS Children’s Villages to organize ‘E-Tarang 2021’ to celebrate Universal Children’s Day

New Delhi : India’s largest self-implementing childcare NGO, SOS Children’s Villages of India, is organising ‘E-Tarang 2021’, an annual cultural festival to draw out the creative talent of children under its care. This festival is organized every year to celebrate Universal Children’s Day, which falls on November 20th.


This year, the event will be held online because of COVID-related restrictions. The zonal rounds of ‘E-Tarang’ will begin on 15th November and the grand finale of the event will go live on November 18th. Restrictions do not seem to have dampened the spirits of children, even one bit. Children, Mothers and coworkers received the news of ‘E-Tarang’ with a lot of enthusiasm. Preparations for the competitions have been on since a month.


As soon as the event was announced, coworkers plunged into action to train children in dance, singing and other cultural activities. Participants in music/dance programmes, science projects and extempore speech have spent hours practicing and perfecting their skills. Coworkers and elders from the Village actively guided children, some of whom made it to the finals of the respective competitions. The quiz saw children being prepped on different. Mothers helped children by doing their make-up for dance performances, but more importantly, Mothers motivated and encouraged their children, bringing out the best in them.


Mr Sumanta Kar, Secretary General, SOS Children’s Villages of India, said, “E-Tarang is an excellent opportunity for children to showcase their talent and creativity. The event celebrates the children’s ‘Right to Participation’, which is one of the main pillars of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Keeping COVID-19 restrictions in mind, we decided that this year’s event will be held online. Even though it is an online event, children have shown the same level of enthusiasm. We are very proud of our children and the incredible talent that they have displayed.”


Every project of the NGO performed a unique traditional opening ceremony for E Tarang. For example, Trichur lighted a traditional oil lamp, Pune released Hydrogen balloons and Bangalore had a group of children on stage with SOS flags with the announcement that ‘E Tarang 2021’ has officially opened. Secretary General, Deputy National Director FL (Family Like Care) and Deputy National Director FS (Family Strengthening) were on video call to motivate children. Coworkers made sure that the technical aspects of the e-event proceeded without glitches.

There was a lot of innovation to see in the science projects: from cleaning oil spills in ocean to generating electricity from heavy traffic on roads. The competitions are going well. The winners will be announced in the Grand Finale of E-Tarang to be held virtually on 18th November 2021.


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