SOS India honours SOS Mothers across its 32 Villages

New Delhi: “SOS India Mothers, the embodiment of love, are the strongest pillar of SOS Children’s Villages of India. They are trained professionally to take care of abandoned and parentless children and raise them as their own”, says Sudarshan Suchi, Secretary-General, SOS Children’s Villages of India

SOS Children’s Villages of India, a volunteer childcare organisation, paid tribute to its mothers with a day-long celebration to appreciate the special connection between children and their mothers across 32 SOS Children’s Villages of India. SOS India applauded the sheroic spirit of mothers who have come forward and dedicated their lives in making a difference to the lives of more than 25 thousand once abandoned and parentless children across 32 Villages in 21 States& Union territories in the country.

The eventful day started with applauding for SOS mothers for their selfless love and caring for the children, and for raising them into responsible and active members of the society. A host of performances were planned to honour and pay gratitude to SOS Mothers. Children did myriad presentations including writing heart touching messages and letters, recited poems, songs, dance performances, story enactments etc mesmerizing their SOS Mothers. All performances exalted the mothers as a god, a best friend, a teacher, a philosopher, a guide, a protector, caregiver and reiterated the truth that a mother’s love for her children is purest and like nothing else in this world.

While recognizing the role of a mother in a child’s life, Sudarshan Suchi, Secretary-General, SOS Children’s Villages of India, said, “I think everyday of the year is a Mother’s Day because you can never stop being a Mother. When the word mother comes into our mind it inevitably brings a smile on our faces. An SOS mother is someone who does not give birth to them but gives birth to hope, courage, strength, achievement, peace and much more. The thousands of children under the care of SOS India are the future of this country because of their mothers as they have done the magic in bringing up the children with full of affection, love with care and tirelessly”

He added, “Mothers are the bearers of our society and a significant cog in the nation’s march towards economic growth. It’s heartening to see every mother in the SOS India family for her uncompromising and selfless commitment towards children under her care. Fighting the COVID-19 outbreak also, our SOS Mothers are protecting and nurturing the children with unparalleled efforts. They are educating children about the pandemic, engaging them via online classes, maintaining personal hygiene and doing everything to keep the children protected, happy and healthy. Mothers at SOS India has many facets; they play the role of an educator, supporter, counsellor and emotional security provider and much more. They are the real heroes and the strongest pillar of our organization’s framework. In my next life, I would like to be Mother to know how your journey has been and to be able to equally live”, he added.

Amid COVID 19 outbreak, the Mothers at SOS India exemplify in upholding cleanliness, personal hygiene and social distance, both inside their “family home” as well as on their village campus with support from all the children and co-workers. They have also been instrumental in engaging children in interesting awareness campaigns and creative activities like painting competition, fashion show etc during this medical emergency while maintaining social distance, and remain hyper-connected via the Internet.