Sounds of Silence Foundation spread joy with 100 Santa’s

New Delhi: Intending to give back to the society, Sounds of Silence Foundation led to the inception of the 100 Santa’s Project for the Street kids. This project took place in Mumbai, Odisha, Nagpur, Pune and Nashik. Jalandhar It aimed to bring joy and spread happiness among the street kids to whom this could be their first experience of meeting Santa. People from various backgrounds (college students, graduates, working professionals, elderly people) joined the project.

Sumit Singh Gandhi, Founder Sounds of Silence Foundation said “A thought that just felt like a distant dream felt surreal when it slowly started molding into a movement and a purpose that brought hundreds of us together to pull off an event of such magnitude in Mumbai. But when the volunteers came up with the idea let’s do it virtually all across wherever we are, made me feel that the soul of sounds of silence has been kept alive through the volunteers”

Distributing gifts and goodies to kids who went wide-eyed with surprise were team members Janvi, Ayushi, and Aashi, “As we started meeting the kids, they were intrigued and curious to know what’s in their goodie bag. One little girl was so excited to see Santa. She unwrapped the gift as soon as she received it and thanked us.” Aashi added,