Sowing the seeds of Entrepreneurial skills in Children and Youth through National Summer Camps

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad has announces national-level, residential Summer Camps for Youth and Children for the year 2022. So far, EDII has trained and groomed 4180 children and youth.


Over the past years, the Institute has provided a significant platform through National Summer Camp on Entrepreneurial Stimulation to children in the age group of 12 to 16 years, from across the country to understand their strengths and weaknesses, develop a perspective for growth and imbibe learning that ensures winning skills in their personality. So far the camp has groomed 2511 children through 37 National Summer Camps for Children. This year, two such camps, the 38th & 39th Summer Camps on Entrepreneurial Stimulation for Children are scheduled from 1st May to 6th May & 22nd to 27th May at the Institute’s campus. The children noticeably develop a ‘spirit of enterprise and achievement’ in to target higher-order successes. On conclusion of the camp, parents of the participating children are given a comprehensive report on their ward, emphasizing on the personality traits of the child and future directions for him/her.

Similarly, through its National Summer Camp on Entrepreneurial Adventures for Youth, EDII has been developing entrepreneurial traits among youth, from across the country. A total of 1,669 youths have been trained by the camps from the country. These camps are open to applicants in the age group of 16-22 years. The youths realize their hidden potential and develop capabilities to meet challenges ahead by acquiring entrepreneurial traits of risk-taking, creative thinking, conflict management, effective communication, team work and managing one’s emotions. They are also imparted career counselling. Meetings with achievers and field visits to observe the classroom learnings in implementation have left an indelible impact on participating youths. This year, the Institute has announced two such camps, i.e. the 41st & 42nd Summer Camps on Entrepreneurial Adventures for Youth, scheduled from May 9-18 & May 30 to June 8 at EDII campus.


Dr. Pankaj Bharti, Faculty at EDII is the Camp Leader He can be reached at /

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