SP Jain becomes the only institution to offer Post Graduate Programs for the most sought after IT automation careers

Mumbai: SP Jain School of High Technology has become the only school in the country to offer Post Graduate Specialist certification programs in various emerging technology domains including Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and Cyber Security. These programs provide specialist training to IT professionals in emerging technology domains which are replacing traditional IT skills & jobs.
The programs at SP Jain School of High Technology provide students the technology, programming & strategic skills to solve complex business problems by using various tools as well as deep industry exposure through knowledge & recruitment partnerships with leading partners in these domains. The programs are designed to create specialist who can develop automation driven programs from scratch and deliver holistic solutions.

Prasar Sharma, Director, SP Jain School of High Technology, says, “Technology is evolving rapidly. Skills such as Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity, to name a few, have become critical to both business and personal users. These technologies will drive the future and are the skills most in demand. These are the domains which are replacing tradition IT jobs and only resources that are skilled in these domains will be able to see career growth starting now”.

Students of these programs can look forward to employment with top recruiters. Leading companies ranging from Google to Microsoft, Uber to Amazon, Infosys to Cognizant & ITC Infotech, EY – to name just a few – have job openings across these skills.
Program Listing & Key Highlights

1. Machine Learning Specialist Program
• The demand for cognitive computing skills is gaining enough steam that institutions all over the world are paying attention. The skills needed to succeed in cognitive computing go beyond the obvious knowledge key to any big-data-related specialty.
• Machine Learning jobs are the #1 in-demand profession now and are slated to grow exponentially in demand and rewards over the next few years

Microsoft is one of the leaders in Machine Learning research, specifically Deep Learning. This project is headed by one of the leaders of Microsoft Deep Learning Cognitive Toolkit, Dr. Sayan Pathak, who has visited our campus earlier and addressed our candidates. He will also be a guest faculty on our program.
2. Cybersecurity & Data Security Specialist Program

• Cybersecurity & Data Security Specialist Program combines several functions into a single system and centralizes event logs and other security-related documentation for analysis.
• The increasingly sophisticated nature of cyberattacks and the ability to use new technologies such as machine learning algorithms to analyse, understand, and counter those threats has fundamentally changed the nature of the job. The demand supply gap for experts in this domain is now unprecedented.

SP Jain School of High Technology has tied up with IDC, Herzliya which is #1 private university to offer its students an opportunity to learn Cybersecurity in Israel which has long been considered the leader in Cybersecurity. Students will also get the opportunity to interact with leading Cybersecurity companies in Israel and get a firsthand look at the newest cutting edge developments in the domain.

3. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Engineer

• Virtual reality is no longer the sole province of game makers. That means someone with the right experience and skills would have diverse options across industries spanning from media to training to autonomous vehicle development, to name a few.
• Key skills required include Objective-C, C++, Computer Vision, C, computer graphics, mobile application development, OpenGL ES, C#, OpenGL, DirectX, WebGL, and Digital Image Processing.
Unity is the world’s leading VR development platform. Over 80% of all VR development today happens on Unity. SPJ-HT is poised to be first Unity Accredited Training & Certification Centre and our program is the only Specialist Program accredited by Unity. Graduates will receive a joint SPJ-HT & Unity Certification

These programs are designed by the cutting-edge experts of the industry. The content relevance of the program is top class; academic board comprises of faculty from education and industry together. Advantage is they are in regular touch with the industry folks and keep upgrading their program.