SP Jain Global launches a suite of short online courses taught by world-class faculty

Mumbai: SP Jain School of Global Management (SP Jain), known worldwide for its top-ranked Global MBA program, announced today the launch of 13 new online short courses for undergraduates, postgraduates and working professionals. These 30/60-hour courses will commence in July 2020 and will cater to the growing trend of upskilling in a fast-evolving and uncertain world.

What is unique about these new courses, according to SP Jain President Nitish Jain, is that they will be taught using a brand-new learning model called Premium Learning Online (PLO) which the School has carefully designed to be on par with face-to-face classes on campus.

“Online is the future of education. But they have a fundamental flaw in that they are unable to engage and excite students. Unsurprisingly, most students drop out within a few sessions. Our new Premium Learning Online courses are taught live (using our proprietary ELO technology) by top Indian and international faculty that we have hand-picked for their proven success and expertise. Students learn by doing; not listening. We call this a ‘Lab-style approach of learning’, and this is truly a game-changer as far as online education is concerned,” shares Nitish.

What is the Lab-style approach? Every 15 minutes, students are given a practical problem to solve in a study group comprising 3-5 students. With this, students get the chance to apply theory to practice in a fun, engaging manner, and get immediate actionable feedback. A spokesperson then presents the findings to the rest of the class.

Dr. Silvia Vianello, one of the Lead Faculty teaching these courses, shares, “The curriculum is action packed with projects, case studies, group discussions and more; the objective is to make sure that students develop in-demand and relevant skills to enhance their employability.” Dr. Silvia, who hails from Italy is a social media influencer with over a million followers and was featured in Forbes’ list of Top 100 Italian women. Admissions for her 30-hour course on How to become a social media influencer are open, and classes will commence on July 12.

To create awareness and share more information about these courses, the School will organise a series of webinars starting June 25. More information is available here: https://online-courses.spjain.org/.

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