SP Jain introduces the world’s first Borderless MBA program

Mumbai: Amid the uncertainty and challenges surrounding COVID-19, SP Jain School of Global Management (SP Jain) today announced several new flexible learning options for its top-ranked Global MBA program. Students now have the option to:

1. Start the program online (term 1) and continue on campus in Sydney and Singapore/ Mumbai (terms 2 and 3). SP Jain has termed this option as its new ‘Borderless Global MBA’.

2. Study in Dubai (term 1), Sydney (term 2) and Mumbai (term 3). This option is ideal for students looking to pursue employment opportunities in India.

Besides these, the School’s original tri-city model will also continue to be offered for those who wish to study in Dubai, Sydney and Singapore, and explore international employment opportunities.

What makes SP Jain’s Global MBA ‘Borderless’?

Joint classes with students from top European universities, guest speakers drawn from the world’s top companies, , ‘virtual’ out of classroom activities and social clubs, and opportunities to collaborate, network and have fun with like-minded peers from around the world are some of the features that make SP Jain’s new Global MBA ‘rich’ and ‘borderless’, shares its President Nitish Jain. “Learning shouldn’t be restricted within the four walls of a classroom and that, in a sense, is the idea behind the new Borderless Global MBA.”

“Online is the future of education. But the online technology that most universities use has a fundamental flaw because it was designed for office meetings and not really for classrooms. At SP Jain, we use a high-end technology tailormade for classrooms called ELO. No other university in all of Asia has anything similar. Also, we have adopted a new pedagogy by which students learn by doing; not just listening. We call this a ‘lab-style approach of learning’, and this is truly a game-changer as far as online education is concerned,” shares Nitish.

SP Jain also announced flexible learning options for its 16-month Master of Global Business program, including the option to complete the entire program in Mumbai. This is for students who prefer to not travel overseas, and is offered at a cost reduced by as much as 35%.