SPbPU: Chinese graduates talk about their studies at Polytech

Many Chinese students at SPbPU this year received degrees in their chosen fields, but they do not plan to stop there: some intend to continue their education in Master’s degree programs, and some in postgraduate programs. Recently we talked to SPbPU graduates from China. Yang Shujie, Gong Bowen, and NanXiang Wang shared their impressions about studying at Polytechnic University and their plans for the future, and, of course, wished good luck to future students.

“Polytechnic University is a well-known university, especially when it comes to engineering specialties. This was very important for me when choosing a place to study. I studied at the Institute of Machinery, Materials, and Transport and studied material science and technology. I have a very good impression of the teachers – they not only provide educational material but also act as mentors and friends and help me deal with difficult situations.

In the first months of life in Russia, of course, it is difficult for an international student. The habits and way of life here are very different from China. But gradually I got used to it, and now it’s easy for me here. I love walking along the embankments of St. Petersburg, it’s a very beautiful city. My wish for all future students is to be active in class, not to be afraid of teachers, study hard and finish what you start,’ said Yang Shujie, an SPbPU graduate from China.

“I studied at the Institute of Energy, studying power engineering. I have been interested in engineering since childhood, I liked Lego constructors and assembling something with my own hands, that’s why I had no doubts when choosing my future profession. When I came to Polytechnic University and began to live in Russia, at first it was not easy. I did not know the language, I lived in a foreign country, everything was new. Now, seven years later, I can say that Russia has become my second homeland. I’ve been to a lot of places, I’ve got my favorite places here, for example, I like to go to the Gulf of Finland and admire the sea.

Recently I defended my Master’s degree thesis and received a diploma with honors. Shortly, I plan to continue in postgraduate school. I think that Polytechnic University is the best technical university in Russia. It’s worth studying here,” said Gong Bowen, a graduate of SPbPU from China.

“Before I came to Russia, I studied Russian at school for six months. I liked it very much. After talking to my parents and getting their approval I decided to come here. It wasn’t easy at first, life in Russia was very different from life in China. Then I met some friends, we started walking around the city, and, in general, I gradually got the hang of it. In the beginning, a lot of things in Russia surprised me. China is a country with a lot of people, we have lots of tall buildings. And in St. Petersburg, old architecture, which I haven’t seen in China, is in abundance. My favorite place in St. Petersburg is the 300th Anniversary Park, with its beautiful view of the gulf.

I studied at SPbPU at the Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade. The language of instruction was English. The teachers at Polytechnic University are very polite and kind, but at the same time, they are quite strict. I think that is good for the students. Now I have finished my bachelor’s degree program and I am planning to go to graduate school. I advise everyone to come to Polytechnic University: it is a very good university,” said SPbPU graduate from China NanXiang Wang.

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