SPbPU: For vaccination of international students of Polytechnic University, a weekly transfer is organized

Vaccination of international students at Polytechnic University continues. Since the end of August, when a large-scale campaign started, more than 700 foreign citizens who study at SPbPU have already been vaccinated against coronavirus. There have been significant changes in the organization of the vaccination procedure since the beginning of November. For the convenience of foreign students, a weekly shuttle service to Polyclinic № 68 in Sestroretsk has been organized. By agreement between the clinic and the university administration international students of SPbPU can get a coronavirus vaccine «Sputnik Lite» on more favorable terms than in other medical institutions of St. Petersburg. To make an appointment for vaccination, as well as to get a detailed consultation, foreign citizens need to send an application to the e-mail address nedelko_ps@spbstu.ru. In the application form, it is necessary to specify the surname, first name and patronymic (if any), name of the institute, group number, and contact phone number.

The weekly transfer is organized at the university primarily for the convenience and safety of international students. We are closely monitoring the current situation, which, unfortunately, is not easy at the moment, commented Pavel NEDELKO, assistant vice-rector for international affairs at SPbPU. At the same time, we are focused on organizing extracurricular activities for our foreigners, because besides medical care they all certainly need moral support.

The current epidemiological situation imposes several restrictions on extracurricular activities. For example, offline activities in the international PolyUnion student club are now limited to a simultaneous number of participants of up to 40 people (subject to all measures against coronavirus infection). TutorForces is also switching to a mixed mode of operation.

We surveyed our international students about their preferences for activities. As expected, the majority were in favor of keeping live communication as much as possible, albeit with limitations, said PolyUnion head Shukrona ZARIPOVA. Of course, we will try to take into account the wishes of the students and alternate offline and online events. We will continue to hold meetings, conversation clubs, film screenings, online games, and much more.

To keep up with the latest news, we recommend subscribing to the accounts of the international student organizations at Polytechnic University for international students in social networks. The official TutorForces pages can be found here: Facebook, Vkontakte, and Instagram. PolyUnion Interclub accounts are available at these links: Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram.

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