SPbPU: Govshut Perniyazov will represent Polytechnic University in the city’s Student of the Year Contest

Govshut Perniyazov, a student of the Graduate School of International Relations at SPbPU, won in the category «Organization of Interethnic and International Cooperation (Tolerance)» in the university stage of the Student of the Year contest. The contest was organized by the Department of Youth Policy of SPbPU and was held for the first time this year. According to its results, Govshut Perniyazov moved on to the next stage and will represent Polytechnic University in the Student of the Year city contest.

Govshut Perniyazov came to St. Petersburg from Turkmenistan, and today he is the head of the Turkmen community of Polytechnic University. He directed the organization of eight events at the university, in which more than 1,000 foreign students from different countries took part.

We try to actively participate in the university life, hold student events of various kinds. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has made its adjustments, and today we are largely focused on solving the problems caused by it, commented Govshut PERNIYAZOV.

Govshut Perniyazov was congratulated on his successful completion of the university stage of the competition by Dmitry Arseniev, Vice-Rector for International Relations
In all, about 500 students from Turkmenistan study at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Thanks to the joint work of the Turkmen community and the administration of SPbPU, the university has established a clear system for working with students from Turkmenistan, who receive all the important information, give feedback and have the opportunity to report their problems.

Thanks to the joint work of the Turkmen community and the administration of SPbPU, a clear system of work with Turkmen students has been established
During the coronavirus pandemic, many regular university events were postponed or transferred to a remote format. Several tasks had to be dealt with quickly. International students from SPbPU joined in the work on them. For example, with Govshut’s participation, a volunteer headquarters was organized to help international students who found themselves in observation at the dormitory; information support was provided to students in the process of receiving a one-time financial aid from the university and during the coronavirus vaccination period.

Govshut Perniyazov participated in the organization of 8 events at SPbPU
The past year has not been easy for many of us, above all for international students who are away from family and home. Despite everything, we unite and help each other. At any time, it’s important to be together and act together. But especially now, said Govshut PERNIYAZOV.

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