SPbPU: Polytechnic University and Istanbul University strengthen cooperation in the humanities

Polytechnic University and Istanbul University (Turkey) will sign an additional agreement on the basis of a memorandum of cooperation and will strengthen their partnership in scientific and educational areas. In particular, the parties plan to develop joint network educational programs, promote the participation of faculty in dissertation councils, prepare joint publications in scientific journals, conduct joint teaching activities and participate in professional development programs. These and other agreements were reached as a result of the visit of the delegation of the Institute of Humanities (IH SPbPU) to the Turkish University.

The Russian delegation was represented by Nadezhda Almazova, research supervisor of IH of SPbPU, Sergey Pogodin, director of the Higher School of International Relations (HSIR), and Natalia Bogdanova, deputy director of HSIR. During talks with colleagues from Istanbul University, SPbPU representatives discussed the development of comprehensive partnerships in foreign languages, literature, history and international relations.

Professor Hayati Develi, Dean of the Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages at Istanbul University, expressed a great interest in expanding the partnership. The parties discussed the possibility of attracting Turkish students to the international master’s degree programs at HSIR «European Studies», «Asian Studies» and «Russian Federation». In addition, the participants plan to engage in the development of joint network programs in the field of linguistics. It was agreed that the next step in the development of the partnership will be the signing of an additional agreement between IH SPbPU and the Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages of Istanbul University on the basis of the previously signed memorandum of cooperation.

Negotiations on the methodological support of the new module «Turkish Republic», which is being developed within the direction of preparation «Foreign Regional Studies» of IH SPbPU, were held with the head of the department of Turkology, Professor Ali Syukruk. And the department of the German language and literature in the person of professor Canan Shenoz-Ayat confirmed the further participation in the program of E-Tandem visiting professors.

A set of joint activities are planned with the Department of Slavic Studies. Head of the Department, Professor Emine Inanyr on behalf of all staff expressed great interest not only in the development of scientific and educational cooperation and joint publications, but also to participate in the dissertation councils, defenses and interim certification of graduate students in areas of training in pedagogy and linguistics. In the near future, the parties will begin publishing joint publications in scientific journals and anthologies of SPbPU. In addition, as part of joint educational activities, lectures, joint teaching activities, and participation in professional development programs are planned. The first online seminar «History of Russian-Turkish relations» will be held in November 2022 with the participation of HSIR professors.

As part of the visit, there was also a meeting with representatives of the International Office of Istanbul University. The parties agreed to organize a promotional and informational video bridge for Turkish students on current exchange programs. In addition, Polytechnic and Istanbul University can apply for joint grants: Mustafa Tanriverdi of the International Office informed about this possibility.