SPbPU: Polytechnic University and the University of Cadiz launch a joint language program

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and the University of Cadiz (Spain) have created a joint Russian-Spanish language program that will take place within the framework of the International Polytechnic Summer School 2021. The program is called Russian-Spanish Language School & Intercultural Communication and is intended for those who love Russian and Spanish and want to learn more about modern trends in intercultural communication and digital communication.

For two weeks, from July 19-30, 2021, Russian participants will study Spanish with lecturers from the University of Cadiz, and Spanish students will study Russian with lecturers from SPbPU. Everyone without exception will get a unique opportunity for intensive direct communication with native speakers. The program is based on unique communicative methods that promote effective language acquisition through deep immersion in the culture and history of Russia and Spain.

“The Russian-Spanish School of Language and Intercultural Communication is the result of fruitful cooperation between the University of Cadiz and St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, commented Andrés SANTANA ARRIBAS, Head of the UCA International University Center for East Europe and Central Asia (CUNEAC) and Pushkin Institute. After the success of the first and second Russian-Spanish Language and Culture Week we decided to do something fundamentally new while maintaining our key advantages. The joint program of the two universities is a kind of concentration of successful practices, relevant and in-demand academic disciplines.”

Participants of the program will receive an intensive Russian or Spanish language at different levels: A1/A2/B1, which will be determined by choice and test results. Russian and Spanish teachers will give classes on intercultural communication, the history of Russian-Spanish relations and the culture of the two countries, digital ethics, and digital communication. A rich cultural online program is also prepared for students.

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