SPbPU: Polytechnic University is in the Top-3 in economics and business and Top-4 in education in THE international ranking

The latest issue of THE Subject 2022 — rankings has been published, according to which St. Petersburg University is in the Top-3 in business and economics and in the Top-4 in education among Russian universities.

In business and economics, our university is ranked 201-250 in the world, while in Russia it ranks right behind Moscow State University and the Higher School of Economics. In education, Polytechnic University ranked 151-175 in the global rankings, sharing the top spot with Moscow State University. Our university confirmed its focus on interdisciplinarity, occupying leading positions on a par with specialized universities.

The results of the ranking demonstrate that Polytechnic University attracts talents not only in engineering and mathematics but also in social and economic sciences. As a research university, we strive to scale directions, open new laboratories, and launch research in interdisciplinary fields at the intersection of technical and social sciences to maximize our contribution to the social and economic development of our country, commented Rector of SPbPU, RAS Academician Andrei Rudskoi.

International cooperation is a competitive advantage of Polytechnic University. More than 1,500 students come to the university from all over the world to master the basics and advanced practices of economics, management, and technology management.

It is worth noting how the experts assessed Polytechnic University’s research reputation: five times higher in economics and almost twice as high in pedagogy compared to last year!

I am sincerely glad to see this result because to achieve it the Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade is doing a lot of systematic and constant work, says Vladimir SHEPININ, Director of the Institute of Industrial Management, Economics, and Trade. The subject ranking in Business and Economics to the greatest extent reflects our profile direction and aggregates the results of the best scientific and educational practices of higher schools. In recent years, we have built a policy of publication activity, planned activities that enhance the image of our university, worked with foreign publishers, including as invited members of the editorial boards of international top-rated journals. We also paid great attention to the formation of professional collaborations with foreign scientists and colleagues from other universities and organizations, which contributes to the growth of the university’s academic reputation. In my opinion, our four annual Scopus conferences make a special contribution to advancement in this ranking. Most recently we have had a successful GDTM-2021 conference which was organized together with the Graduate School of Service and Trade and the Graduate School of Industrial Management; this week we are organizing the IDE-2021 conference which is being held by the Graduate School of Engineering and Economics; in November we are preparing the ICDT-2021 conference of the Graduate School of Business Engineering. We are also planning an institute-wide conference DTMIS-2022. In the end, I can say that this is the work of the whole team of the Institute and now our most important task is to keep such a high position in the ranking.

It is pleasant to realize that Polytechnic University is strengthening its position and increasing its international reputation in socio-economic research. We plan to continue to purposefully implement a human-centered approach. For example, we will develop cognitive science and behavioral economics in conjunction with artificial intelligence in our strategic project on human-centered technologies and solutions, shares Maria Vrublevskaya, Head of Strategic Planning and Development Programs of SPbPU.

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