SPbPU: Polytechnic University is in the top ten of Russian universities

On June 9, the tenth-anniversary edition of the annual RAEX-100 ranking of Russia’s best universities was announced at the Global Competitiveness international forum of universities, in which Polytechnic University secured its position in the top ten and received a special award for the development of new educational formats. The nomination was facilitated by SPbPU’s active position in the work with distance learning.

The ranking evaluates the ability of universities to provide graduates with high-quality knowledge, skills, and abilities, their demand in the labor market, as well as the university’s research competencies.

Polytechnic University ranks eighth in the level of research activity, ahead of its colleagues from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, TPU, and MISIS. SPbPU also showed the greatest progress in terms of conditions for quality education, moving from 15th to 12th place in one year.

We are moving quickly in many indicators of the ranking, but our competitors are also investing a lot in their development. We will continue to build up our competitiveness through cutting-edge research, no less iconic than the famous KAMA-1, and high-quality educational programs that provide unique opportunities to interact with employers, commented Rector of SPbPU Andrei RUDSKOI. Also, in his speech at the opening of the forum, the rector recommended his colleagues from technical universities pay attention to the practice of creating international engineering schools together with foreign partners

The pandemic has greatly affected Russian universities, forcing them to become flexible and quick in making decisions. Today, the success of a university is influenced not only and not so much by the actual indicators, but by the managerial approach: dynamic and proactive, says Maria VRUBLEVSKAYA, Head of Strategic Planning and Development Programs Department at SPbPU.

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