SPbPU: SPbPU at the International Congress of Higher Education in Havana

A delegation of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University took part in the 13th International Congress of Higher Education «University and Innovation fon Inclusive Sustainable Development», which was held in Havana (Cuba) from February 7 to 11. Organizers were the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education and major Cuban universities. The congress was attended by representatives of more than 30 leading organizations, not only from the Ibero-American region but also from European countries (from Spain and Portugal to Scandinavia) and the Asian region. Among the speakers invited were experts from the Regional Network for the Internationalization of Education in Latin America, the UNESCO International Institute, and other major universities and organizations from around the world. With many of them, the SPbPU delegation participated in business meetings and negotiations, in particular — with the Minister of Higher Education of Cuba, Jose Ramon Saborido LOIDI, who noted SPbPU’s contribution to the development of cooperation between Russia and Cuba during the last visit of Polytechnics in 2020.

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