SPbPU: The best foreign Ph.D. students of SPbPU and their supervisors received BIG Ph.D. Grants – 2022

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University hosted the first-ever «Best International Grant for Ph.D. students» (BIG Ph.D.) competition to support the best international Ph.D. students of our university and their research supervisors. The competition was held as part of the Priority 2030 Strategic Academic Leadership Program.

The purpose of the BIG Ph.D. Grant Program is to encourage and support the research activities of the international Ph.D. students and their academic advisors, emphasizing their joint achievements and potential for long-term productive work for the benefit of the University. The competition was open to full-time postgraduate students, and the evaluation of applications took into account not only the research potential and level of research conducted, but also the degree of involvement of the graduate postgraduate student in the Polytechnic community. The high score of the application brought the employment of foreign graduate students in the university laboratories, participation in working groups in the implementation of grants, active participation in conferences and seminars, in various social and youth projects.

The selection for the grants was carried out by an expert committee, which, after careful evaluation of all applications, identified 10 winning teams consisting of a foreign postgraduate student from SPbPU and his or her research supervisor.

The foreign postgraduate students chose Polytechnic University to build their scientific careers, expressing their confidence in our university. Now we need to create all the conditions for their self-realization. The formation of such an environment is a great responsibility of both the academic director and all the university’s structures. We hope that international graduate students will become true Polytechnics, will teach, work, leave and return here, providing the connection of Polytechnic University with the whole world, commented the idea of the competition Dmitry Arseniev, vice-rector for international affairs, co-chair of the Expert Committee of the competition.

Among the winners are teams from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Transport, Institute of Biomedical Systems and Biotechnology, Institute of Energy, Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade, Humanities Institute, and Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University for hosting the ‘Best International Grant for Ph.D.’ Contest 2022. My supervisor Elena Popugaeva and I are very happy that we were able to win this competition. Thanks to the support of the university we will be able to put our scientific ideas into practice! Nikita Zernov, a postgraduate student from Kazakhstan, commented on the news of his victory.

We give our winners the opportunity to fully focus on scientific activities, to immerse themselves in joint research work together with the scientific team of the laboratory, the higher school. Appreciating the potential of each of the BIG Ph.D. winners, we expect from them a conscientious and responsible contribution to science and technology, really significant fundamental and applied results — new grants, strong publications, commercialization of R&D. The University will help in this, assured Yuri Klochkov, vice-rector for scientific and organizational work, co-chair of the Expert Commission.

In the fall semester of 2022, the winners will receive additional grant payments. A series of publications on the Polytechnic University website and external resources will tell about the results and prospects of research of the best foreign graduate students of SPbPU. And in December 2022, SPbPU will host the International School-Conference «Best Practices of Foreign Ph.D. Students», where the winners of the BIG Ph.D. 2022 competition will present their final research reports.


Zernov Nikita/Popugaeva Elena Aleksandrovna — Investigation of molecular mechanisms of neuroprotection of pharmacological compounds (piperazine and benzopyran derivatives)

Shen Yunfeng/Dobretsov Roman — Adaptive wheel robotic locomotion system for platform with extreme mobility

Lu Zhiyu/Popov Maksim — Research on an adaptive algorithm for fast and high-precision power system relay protection

Chen Leifei/Babkin Alexander — Strategic planning for the development of high-tech industry in the context of digital transformation

Arslan Hazem/Korotkikh Mikhail Timofeevich — Development of technological equipment with electromechanical clamping devices based on shape memory material

Wang Lin/Almazova Nadezhda — Methods of teaching oral foreign language communication to students of additional education (based on the Chinese language)

Zhang Shuoying/Suvorova Swetlana — Students’ preparation for the implementation of bilingual education in schools of the People’s Republic of China

Gu Lingyun/Popov Eugene — Deep Learning-Based Object Detection in Multi-source Remote Sensing Images for Earth Observation

Zhang Xuan/Shcheglova Inna Vladimirovna — The level of research competence of a specialist as an indicator of the development of science

Tran Nhan Hau/Andrey L. Konevega — Verifying on cell models of potential sensitizers to improve the effectiveness of radiation therapy