SPbPU: Vaccination of international students began at Polytechnic University

The decision was adopted at the end of July. Everyone who wanted to be vaccinated was invited to sign up in advance. One hundred sixty applicants sent in their applications. The Polyclinic allocated a special time for reception of foreign students of Polytechnic University: in the morning, from 9 to 10 a.m., and in the evening, from 5 p.m. to 6:30p.m. Management of the clinic advises coming in groups with an even number of people for in pairs. Those who come alone will have to wait for a partner.

Colombian students Jose Alfredo Collazos Roso and Diana Caravino Cadavid Martinez just showed up alone, filled out the forms, and waited their turn to see a therapist. “Thank you for this opportunity,” Jose Alfredo said. “I graduated with a master’s degree in IFNiT, space physics. I really want to go on to graduate school, so I need to get the shot.”

Yao Yifeng, a third-year IMM&T student from China, said he had been afraid of shots since childhood. Recently I was in hospital – I had surgery on my leg, and they gave me shots every day, he complained. But it’s still very good that they started giving us vaccinations because my girlfriend and I have been sitting at home for a year and a half now, we hardly ever go out.

Second-year student of the ICNT Chen Auhan started from another subject: I love Russia very much, except for the weather. I used to live in South China, and I had never seen the phone to display minus ten. And about the coronavirus, the young man said, I came for vaccination to, first of all, protect myself against the virus, and, secondly, to protect my fellows who I live in the dormitory and attend classes with.

According to Pavel Nedelko, senior teacher of additional education at the Graduate School of International Educational Programs, 14 international students were vaccinated on the first day, six more were vaccinated on the second day. The registration continues. Those wishing to be vaccinated need to write to the e-mail [email protected], stating your surname, first name and patronymic, the name of the institute, group number, e-mail and phone number.