Speech at the conference of the Russian State University for the Humanities

Anastasia Amelina, 1st year undergraduate student of the direction “Comparative studies: dialogue of cultures in world literature” of PetrSU, took part in the conference “Noscere et comparare: we study comparatively” at the Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow).
Within the framework of the conference, reports were presented on Russian and foreign literature, comparative studies.

PetrSU student Anastasia Amelina made a presentation “Dialogue of cultures in letters from Rainer Rilke and Marina Tsvetaeva”, which is part of her master’s thesis on the reception of Russia and Germany in the works of Rilke and Tsvetaeva (supervisor – Assoc. Prof. S.V. Vasiliev).

In her report, the student presented the results of research on the concept of the dialogue of cultures in the works of M. Bakhtin, M. Buber, Yu.M. Lotman, V.S. Bibler and traced its implementation on the example of the epistolary heritage of Rilke and Tsvetaeva.