Spell Bee League new age game show for Kids to commence In September 2018


New Delhi: Kids these days are not behind in anything when it comes to competing with elders, Then why not a reality show? To give the axe to this dearth on the occasion of Teachers Day

, Biz Wing Production House is coming up with an interesting Reality show which will be based on spellings called Spell Bee League for students.

Spell Bee league is an initiative that will take place in different age segments and will have 5 levels to reach the target. The segment will be TINY TOTS (1st and 2nd standard), SUB Juniors (3rd and 4th Standard), Juniors (5th and 6th standard), SENIORS (8th, 9th and 10th standard) and SUPER SENIORS (11th and 12th standard). Then the initial three stages will be on school level post which the shortlisted offspring s will be sent to studio round. Initially, the contest will start in Karnataka and will be letter spread PAN India.

Apart from the regular spelling contest, the Biz Wingz team is getting another interesting contest which will be called as Bee Blog , which will be a weekly online contest where kids will receive topics on which they’ll have to write a small essay come to the blog and each weekly winner will get an interesting reward.

The team has also partnered with few prestigious organizations that are making a difference to the lives of our nation’s future troopers one of them is called Faith Foundation Trust who are working extensively towards prevention of Child Sexual abuse in our Country and the other unique NGO partner includes People for Animal Hospital which is one of its kind wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers in Bangalore. As they are keen on providing an experience like never before for all the participating students,schools and parents. Along with this school travel app is an app which specializes in providing the most cost-effective and hassle-free platform to Track your child’s school transport bus on real-time which not only helps you to ensure the safety of your child but also saves you time from endlessly waiting at bus stops while dropping and picking up your child from their school buses.

With interesting collaborations like this they aim to give a real-time and new age experience to education and parenting.

When asked about the Spell Bee Contest, Mr Naveen M, (Co-Founder/ Partner) said it’s going to be one of its kind and remarkable contest for young once where large numbers of students in classrooms across India will enrol in one of its kind game show where each word they spell will take them a step nearer in accomplishing a spot that will make them stand out and will lead to a qualifier.