Spherule Foundation to abolish menstruation taboos

New Delhi: In a State where a majority of female population is devoid of basic facilities to maintain menstrual hygiene and it’s still considered as taboo, disease, sin, curse or a secret by larger portion of the society, Pune based ‘Spherule Foundation’ in a first of its initiative has started an awareness program on menstrual hygiene in schools, colleges, orphanages, slums, villages and communities across the length and breadth of this country.

Spherule Foundation, founded by Dr Geeta Bora, has done PhD in computer science and worked in USA for 9 years as software engineer left job and started this NGO with an aim to bring a deep-rooted sustainable change in people’s lives by creating an equal, just and sustainable society in India.

We at Spherule Foundation have found that girls in our society mostly hear negative and outdated information riddled with myths about menstruation from their taboo, disease, sin, curse or a secret family, friends and relatives. They don’t even know that menstruation is a biological and natural process as a result they also start believing myths and practice restricting customs imposed upon them. Thus, we came up with creative idea of writing a kids and teenager friendly book called ‘Moon Time’ that will aware our young girls who are just keeping their steps in puberty or already reached to that age about all the facts they should know about periods & menstrual hygiene, said Geeta.

Our educational book titled ‘Moon Time’ which reflects power of menstruation explains our young girls in creative way about biology of their bodies, what periods are, why it happens and how it’s completely natural, important and healthy process and most importantly it will explain why period is completely normal and it should not affect their normal day today life and they can do all the activities and should not feel restrained, Geeta explains. The Foundation also claims that the book ‘Moon Time’ we will answer almost all questions a young girl can have related to periods and hygiene. We have taken many doctors’ approval on the content and it’s well researched and medically accurate.

To take this program into the next level the Spherule Foundation is also raising funds through ‘Crowdera’, an US based fintech company provides free fundraising platform helps to raise funds for a cause. “I have done crowd funding in past also but Crowdera is best platform for NGO’s as they are truly free fundraising platform for Nonprofits. They don’t cut a single dollar from donor’s contribution. I recommend Crowdera to every serious fundraiser,” said Geeta.

Besides creating awareness among masses the organisation is also providing sanitary napkins in slum areas and remote areas in the country to meet the goal from every corner of the society. Way forward, the Spherule Foundation has a dream of a future where menstruation is not taboo but a welcome transition into womanhood for girls and they refuse to be treated as less capable, weaker, dirty or impure. It’s high time we speak openly about menstruation in India, we truly need to quash its taboos one at a time, added Geeta.