Sports activities held at AMU to mark the National Sports Day


ALIGARH : To mark National Sports Day and to commemorate the birth anniversary of Hockey vizard, Major Dhyan Chand, the University Games Committee and other bodies of the Aligarh Muslim University held sports activities and competitive events

The AMU Football Club organized the Derby Cup Football Tournament, 2022-23 with eight teams participating in the tournament.

Amir Khan, Organizing Secretary informed that the first match was played between AMU Football Club and the Daredevils. The AMUFC won the match, 3-0, while in the next match, Royal Football Club defeated Islamic Mission School, 4-0 and Ennard Football Club won the match from the Alumni Club, 3-0. The final match will be played on September 1.

The AMU ABK High School (Boys), Hockey, Football and Volleyball friendly matches were held to mark the occasion, while earlier in the morning assembly, Master Ahmad Faraz delivered a speech highlighting the significance of the day and its importance in students’ life.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Samina (Principal) encouraged the students and gave a message of self-discipline in all walks of life. She underscored the significance of sports activities for physical and mental well being.

At the AMU ABK High School (Girls), several sports activities including Football match, Hockey Match and 100 and 200 meter race were organized.

Shivi Tomar and Yasha Mazhar received winners’ medals, on behalf of their teams respectively for Football and Hockey matches.

In 200 meter race, Yasha Mazhar received the first prize, Aliza Rashid second and Mariya Afreedi won the third prize. Zainab Fatima received the first Prize, Kulsoom Fatima second and Umra Hayat won the third prize in the 100 meter race.

At the STS School, several sports activities including the Hockey and Football friendly matches and the Tug of War were held by the sports section of the school.

Mr Mohd Tariq (Vice-Principal, STS School) urged the students to participate in sports activities as they have immense benefits for their mental and physical wellbeing.

At the Abdullah School, various sports events including 50 Meter Race, Badminton and Football matches were organized.

In the 50 meter race, Mohammad Zayan Haider of class III got first position, Mohd. Sanan of class IV second and Mohd Rehan got third position in boys’ category. In girls’ category, Ayesha of class V got first position, Abeer Mustafa second and Adeeba of class IV got third position.

A friendly Badminton and Football match was also played between the students of class IV and V.

Addressing the students, Superintendent, Mrs. Umra Zaheer said sports and games are an integral part of students’ life and it has received a boost under the fit India programme.

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