Sports help to maintain healthy body and mind: Madhya Pradesh Governor Tandon

Bhopal : Governor Shri Lalji Tandon, gave away awards to the participants of various sports competitions organized on National Sports Day (August 29) at Raj Bhavan today. He said that a person has to face a lot of problems in life, but sports are such a mode that provide a person with a healthy body as well as peace of mind.

The Governor said that when a child is born he starts playing by himself using his hands and legs. This is how the process of games begins. Shri Tandon said that after nearly 25 years this competition was held for the first time in Raj Bhavan. He announced that now every year this competition will be held so that all the officials – employees of Raj Bhavan and their families are able to enjoy the games and remain healthy.

The sports competitions organized in Raj Bhavan included badminton, chess, lemon spoon race, 500 meter race, tug-of-war in which 50 children of Raj Bhavan family and 206 officers-employees and members of families residing in Raj Bhavan took part. Among those who took part in the sports event organized under the coordination and guidance of ADC, security officer and assistant hospitality officer of Raj Bhavan, were PSO (Men’s team), PSO (Women’s team), company team, boys and girls junior category and senior category of Raj Bhavan. Security Officer Shri Neeraj Thakur proposed the vote of thanks and the Special Assistant Raj Bhavan Shri Rajesh Gupta Barsaiya conducted the programme.