Sports must for good thinking and health: Governor Smt. Anandiben Patel

Bhopal : Governor Smt. Anandiben Patel said that sports is very important in life for good thinking and better health. The Governor was addressing the gathering at the conclusion of the month-long sports competition held December 22 to January 22 and the prize distribution ceremony held at Raj Bhavan today. On this occasion, Sports Minister Smt. Yashodhara Raje Scindia and Principal Secretary to the Governor, Shri D.P. Ahuja were present.

Not results but participation in sports is important

Governor Smt. Patel said that participation matters, not winning or losing the game. She said that sports connects individuals. She said that it is a matter of joy that during the sports competitions, was mutual understanding among the officers and employees of Raj Bhavan. They have started coming forward to help and support each other. Playing brig support, discipline and persistent efforts gives confidence of success. Lauding women above 50 particularly, she said that their performance proves that any work can be done successfully at any time. The need is to take the resolve. The Governor called upon the officers and employees of the Raj Bhavan to use the ground available in the Raj Bhavan to play.

Excellent sportsmanship seen in the competition

Appreciating the participation of ADC Shri Subhash Anand in the sports competition and his display of sportsmanship, Governor Smt. Patel stated the importance of sports and sportsmanship. She told that Shri Anand, posted as ADC in Raj Bhavan, was defeated by Rinku, a waiter in a race while running barefoot. Seeing Rinku’s talent, Shri Anand demonstrated true sportsmanship by presenting him with running shoes. This incident should be a source of inspiration.

Malkhamb training at Raj Bhavan

Malkhamb was demonstrated by the Sports Department at the closing ceremony. Appreciating the speed, power and agility of the players, the Governor has asked to conduct training programme for them at Raj Bhavan and send the Malkhamb coach to Raj Bhavan.

Exemplary initiative by Governor

Addressing the closing ceremony, Minister of Sports and Youth Welfare, Technical and Skill Development, Smt. Yashodhara Raje Scindia said that for the first time in her political career, she got a remarkable opportunity to take part in sports competitions organized by Raj Bhavan. This initiative of the Governor is commendable and exemplary. She said that by participating in the games, there will be enthusiasm, energy and zeal towards life among the officers and employees and their families residing in Raj Bhavan. Congratulating the participants of Malkhamb and Aerobics, she assured the Sports Department to extend support in the sports activities of Raj Bhavan.

Malkhamb on Hanuman Chalisa

The highlight of the ceremony was the performance of Malkhamb on the Hanuman Chalisa by Rahul Pal, Praneet Yadav, Sagar Chauhan, Utkarsh Pandey and Yuvraj Rao. Their agility and vivacity kept the Governor, Sports Minister and the audience spellbound. The Governor also appreciated the performance of aerobics by the girls to the tunes of A.R Rahman.

The Controller of Raj Bhavan said that this is the second year of the competition. Prior to this, the first sports competition was held on the instructions of Governor Smt. Patel. The Controller informed that out of 326 participants who took part in this month long sports competition, 121 were women and 205 men. In about 14 competitions, participants aged between five and 60 years displayed their talent by taking part in Front Roll Race, Tug of War, Lemon-Spoon Race, Musical Chair Race, Jalebi Jump, Shot Put, Billiards etc. The Governor honoured former hockey player Shri Sameer Daad, G.L. Yadav, Harshita Tomar and Latika Bhandari. At the end of the programme, Aditya Suryavanshi, son of PS Jaganath Suryavanshi of Raj Bhavan, presented a painting to the Governor. The programme was conducted by Shri Padam Bhandari. In this programme, officers and employees of Raj Bhavan and their families were present in a large number.


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