Sri Sri University leads the way in Online Education: Started the Academic Year

Cuttack: Sri Sri University (SSU) has converted itself to a digital University in just two days’ time starting from 13 March 2020. In an era of Social Distancing, when Online Education is going to stay for long time, such a flexibility to change has given an edge to the institution over others. Since, the students had to go home before the completion of the End Semester after the direction of the Odisha Government, the online classes did not make the students realise that, they are out of their classroom. It was such a pleasing experience for students who studied from the comfort zone of home to complete their end Semester.
The University conducted online End-Semester Examination starting from 16th April 2020 to 7th May 2020. The result of End Semester Examination for all the branches have been declared on 17th May 2020. Sri Sri University is operating in full-fledged digital mode as Social Distancing is advised.
For enhancement of Teaching-Learning experience, the university has imparted Faculty Development Programs on Bloom’s Taxonomy and other related domain to get better learning outcome from students. The faculty members and the Management of the University have also been conducting online Management Development Programmes in diverse topics viz., Mind Management, Effective Public Speaking, Yoga, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Teaching Pedagogy, Agri-business, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Political Leadership, Ethics, Management etc. for the benefit of the world and adding new content and knowledge in digital platforms. More than 200 free online sessions have been conducted touching the lives of 250,000 on social media channels.
Not only the Faculty, the students conduct different sessions on infotainment. Orion- the Annual Cultural Academic Sports festival of the University has started digital sessions in the name of ‘Yuvarang’ inviting experts from various fields viz., Sports, Business, Entertainment, Yoga, Youth leaders etc.
Moreover, the founder of the Organization, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji has been conducting knowledge and Mediation sessions twice daily, which has been connecting more than 3 Million people across the globe giving them solace. “In a time, when established Universities are finding it difficult to make the digital transition, SSU is leading the way. From 1st July, the Academic year for the existing students have started. The classes for Fresher will begin on 29th July 2020”, said the Vice Chancellor Prof. Ajay Kumar Singh.
The President of the University, Mrs. Rajita Kulkarni said, the University is futuristic in its planning, and it should plan until 2023. She mentioned five mantras to practice viz., taking care of mind and body, taking responsibility (being self-driven), resilience, skills required for the new world to be acquired, to support and take care of one another
For Dhawal Bansal, 3rd year Bachelor of Commerce Honours feels that the world is moving towards a digital era and that adaptation to such an environment in the quickest way possible is the ultimate key for all. “I am really glad that my university has taken such a timely initiative towards the implementation of online classes. Our University always emboldens us towards new experiences”. Many parents too are appreciating the resourcefulness of educational institutions on going digital and providing quality education with an edge. “When I compare the education system of my time to the present day, I find a see change. SSU has done a wonderful transition in such a short time ensuring that, students utilise their time meaningfully during lockdown obeying the norms of the time. SSU has taken the decision, which many institutions are taking now. This shows the prudence of the organization and future readiness.” Says Rashim Gupta father of Mridul Gupta, 1st year student of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).
SSU is imparting 43 academic programs in online mode in the 2020-21 academic year. It is said that, the quicker adaptability has made SSU above others and the University is all set to herald a new era of innovative education.

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