Srinagar’s young women achiever takes compassion to another level

Shaziya Andleeb among 46 recently awarded Kashmir Young Achievement Award by LG Manoj Sinha


SRINAGAR : Humble family background didn’t deter her to follow her heart to work for downtrodden and destitute people albeit the simple roots helped her to get connected to the people for whom she has dedicated herself.

This is the story of Shaziya Andleeb who runs an organization Insaniyat—Let’s help poor trust—that works for poor people, women, orphans etc taking compassion to another level.

Andleeb says her work gives her peace of mind whenever she lends her hand to help.

“I enjoy working for people especially those who are in dire need of help of any kind, it simply gives me peace of mind,” reaffirms Adbleeb.

Recently Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha had felicitated Young achievers with the ‘Kashmir Young Leadership Award’ during the Kashmir Leadership Summit at Srinagar and Andleeb was among 46 who were awarded in various fields for their achievements.

During his address, Lt Governor Sinha had noted that young leaders facilitate the creation of a prosperous society. “The young leaders, young minds can alone solve the entire world’s great problems and generate more ideas and resources to confront the future challenges”, he had said.

For Andleeb, Young Leadership Award means recognition of her work which, according to her, will motivate her to do more. “This award means acknowledgment of my small work and I take it as a compliment of my work done to motivate me to continue my food work,” says confident Andleeb.

Andleeb, a resident of Srinagar has done her Masters in Sociology and that is where she took a cue of helping people. Her organization Insaniyat, which means humanity, assist poor and orphan girls in marriage, works for child abuse, drug de-addiction, empowerment of both the genders and women related issues viz women rights, domestic violence, harassment, dowry, destitution etc.

Her organization’s achievements include education, besides she has sponsored several young children for education up to 10th class.

Not only this, the Insaniyat provides awareness regarding scholarships to students and other centrally sponsored schemes related to education.

“We also provide scribe or writer to specially-abled children or a person. Besides free medicines and medical facilities to poor and below poverty line families with the help of several NGOs,” informs Andleeb about her organization’s other humanitarian works.

Andleeb is a person who doesn’t get satisfaction easily with respect to her work: “I keep searching for more assignments so that I can help more people who are in need. I never feel tired or hopeless,” she says.

She continues and says that her organization also provides blood donation to needful patients in all districts in collaboration with a group of youth who remains in touch with us.

With respect to peace, which she says is her main focussed area, she has attended and organized seminars related to peace in Kashmir.

“I have always been advocating for peace and other relating things,” says Andleeb.

Taking forward her work to other fields, she also polished several young minds through several skill development programs and workshops and has also worked on several women empowerment projects along with different agencies.

Her list of good work is long where the Insaniyat organization tries to reach everyone at any eventuality. During the covid-19 pandemic the organization has provided food kits and other requirements to people.

Daughter of a small businessman, Andleeb’s dream is only to work for poor irrespective of class, caste religion or any other thing.

“In every good work for me, humanity comes first,” adds Andleeb.