SRM-AP Next Tech Lab Bags Laurels on BlockChain Technology at the International Hackathon in ETHDenver

Mumbai: Innovations of SRM University-AP’s Students were acknowledged and rewarded on ETHDenver, an International Conference organized by Ethereum Foundation. Ethereum Foundation is the largest platform for blockchain technology development. In this the conference, they arranged for a US Blockchain Technology Hackathon, the biggest challenge on blockchain technology developments and applications. Approximately 2000 students across the world registered for the conference. Students of SRM-AP presented their innovative ideas with prototypes and secured bounty of total 3000 us dollars for their projects called URBANBOWL and SECURE NOTE. They were also awarded the Community Prize for being on the Top 5. As a part of Global Scholars Programme supported by Ethereum Foundation, the students represented SRM University-AP at the conference.

URBANBOWL was developed by Koushik Bhargav, Pushyamitra, Srinivas Teja and Rohit, four students of 3rd year, Computer Science and Engineering Department. This project was about making cities self-sustainable by urban farming on rented places. Considering the American societies, where people have unused places like the backyards, the students developed a prototype of Urbanbowl, a decentralized urban farming platform where people can lease out empty spaces like backyards or basements. This platform was developed using blockchain technology. Their project also satisfied 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): End Hunger, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Reduction in Forest Loss and Land Degradation, Climate Action and Sustainable Production Pattern. The students received a bounty of $500 from SKALE and $500 from DAPPHERO for their project.

SECURENOTE, the second project from SRM-AP was also highly praised in the conference. Yoganand and Nikhil, 3rd-year students of Electronics and Communication Engineering along with Chaitanya and Abhin, 3rd-year students of Computer Science and Engineering were the brains behind the project. They have developed a platform where people’s complaints will not be unnoticed. The present scenario in Indian Police Station shows that people register their complaints manually, and afterward, most of the time, those complaints get lost or no action is taken. Students of SRM-AP have developed such a platform where such complaints will be registered and digitized in such a way that they cannot be modified later without bringing it into the notice of all the concerned authorities. This will make the process more secure as none will be able to alter or modify to complaints without notifying the authorities. They also received a bounty of $2000 from DAOSTACK for their project.