SRM AP Next Tech Lab student excels at ETH Denver Hackathon 2020

Hyderabad: SRM University AP, Andhra Pradesh Next Tech Lab student churns out the opportunity to exhibit her acumen at ETHDenver Hackathon 2020. Vyshnavi G, 3rd year, Computer Science and Engineering student, nurtures her coding skills, and emerged triumphant by winning the ETH Denver Hackathon 2020. This hackathon focuses on supporting and building the future technology. The hackathon was conducted at Denver with 500 participants. Vyshnavi G also received a bounty of $500 from SKALE and $500 from Chainlink for the project. The project provides value to Dapp creators by improving understanding of their position and deploying inexpensive ways to gather competitive intel. This application ensures security and is developed using blockchain technology.

Vyshnavi G explains, “A Dapp stores data in a decentralized database and uses decentralized computing resources to work. In a trustless environment, the user needs to be able to verify the kind of application and its working to prevent scam and malware, as well as to protect personal data and assets. Therefore, companies such as Chainlink and Skale that use blockchain technology, provided the user analytics of their Dapp and expected participants to generate ideas to improve the companies’ market strategy. Our application collects information about the users, and the application can be implemented by any Dapp creator in every industry, be it gaming, exchanges etc.”

The project of Vyshnavi G provides Dapp creators with important metrics about their users. It gives information regarding the time spent by users on competitors’ app, contacts that the users are interacting with, count of unique users, and the count of loyal users of the competitors. “There are many Dapps in the market which offer information about the user analytics of Dapp. However, they restrict to presenting data pertaining to a single industry whereas, our app mitigates this limitation by offering data sources to be used by multiple industries.”, Vyshnavi G explains the uniqueness of the project. When asked regarding her take away from the Hackathon, Vyshnavi G says, “ The ETH Denver Hackathon 2020 gives a brilliant opportunity to work alongside the developers, thought leaders, advisers, and companies who are making the infrastructure and applications that will empower the industries in the future.”