SRM University- AP students supplied essentials to villagers


The students of SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh have given a helping hand to many destitute families suffering from hunger due to the lockdown caused by coronavirus. The students visited the villages near their hometowns and distributed essential supplies to the impoverished. With the cooperation of the supervisors and friends, many villages were given respite by the students.

SRM AP Ph.D. students D. Lenin babu and Yarramsetti saisrinu possess the mindset to serve the people from scratch. They conduct service programs for the poor caught up in various distressed situations. Due to coronavirus, the poor families who have been suffering from a lack of housekeeping and medical facilities were the worse impacted. The students took the help of their acquaintances and friends to offer service during the pandemic. University professors, Dr.T.Srinivasulu and Dr.M.Pardha Saradhi, came forward to offer funds for the noble cause. In addition to the essentials, financial assistance was also provided to the villagers for the month.

Yarramsetti saisrinu, accompanied by his friends, visited the villages of Pendurru, Bantumilli, in Krishna district and distributed supplies to 50 households. 5kg of vegetables, 10 kg of rice, and sugar was given to the families living in the fields. In addition, vegetables were distributed to 20 families in the villages of Gayapadu, Urivi, and Reddipalem in Pedana Zone. Another student, D. Lenin Babu distributed vegetables, rice, and condiments in the Kakumanu, Bramhana Koduru, Nedubrolu, and Ponuuru villages in Guntur district. He also visited ICDS centers and distributed books to children dwelling in Mandal Tahsildar Venkateswarao and SI Sundararajan.

Students were applauded for participating in the programme by Dr. P Sathyanarayanan, President of the SRM University-AP. Prof. D. Narayana Rao, Pro Vice-Chancellor, congratulated the students for empathically helping the poor with the perspective of alleviating their dismal situation.