SRM University AP welcomed Prof Lakshmi Kantam to speak on “Catalyst for Sustainable Chemical In

New Delhi: Prof Lakshmi Kantam speaks on “Catalyst for Sustainable Chemical Industry” at SRMAP's University
Distinguished Lecture Series.
Prof Lakshmi Kantam quoted “We have to think about sustainable development and chemists have to
play a major role in this.”
Observing the ninth edition of University Distinguished Lecture Series, SRM University, Andhra Pradesh
invited Prof Lakshmi Kantam Mannepalli, the Dr B P Godrej Distinguished Professor of Green Chemistry,
Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai to address a
captivating speech on “Design and Development of Homogeneous/Heterogeneous Catalysts for
Sustainable Chemical Industry”. Prof D Narayana Rao, Pro Vice-chancellor inaugurated the talk with a
welcome speech. Also attended by Prof VS Rao, Vice-Chancellor SRMAP and Dr S Mannathan,
Department of Chemistry. Prof D Narayana Rao expressed that “Industrial collaboration is very much
necessary in the context of self-reliant India (Atma Nirbhar Bharat)”.
Advancing with Prof Lakshmi Kanam’s presentation, she added “Global and Indian chemical industry
estimate 5.1 trillion and 108.4 billion USD in 2021. Catalysis is a highly demanded technology for
sustainable society and drives innovation in many other fields. Achieving the high catalytic selectivity is
the aim of catalysis science in 21 st century”.
She also stated in her presentation “The catalysis of organic reactions by homogeneous and
heterogeneous catalysts remains a diversified field of scientific inquiry. It attracts a large group of
scientists with specialties spanning synthetic organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, surface science,
material science, reaction engineering and computational modeling”.
As a part of Prof Lakshmi Kantam’ s research study, she briefly explained “Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a
hydrated calcium phosphate material, which is an important biomaterial because of its similarity to the
mineral component of mammalian bone. We have utilized these materials and their metal exchanged
materials as catalysts for C-C and C-N coupling reactions. Similarly, hydrotalcites, anionic clays have been
exchanged with different metal ions and successfully applied in a number of organic transformations”.
An overview of the work on the design and development of catalysts for sustainable, economical
process and technologies for the chemical industry was introduced.
Noted personality in the field of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Prof Lakshmi Kantam holds
esteemed titles of FNA, FTWAS, FNASc, FRSC. Her fields of expertise are Catalysis, Materials and Process
Chemistry. Prof Lakshmi Kantam served as the Director of CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology,
Hyderabad. Prof. Lakshmi Kantam is Non-Executive Independent Director of Godavari Bio Refineries Ltd,
Indo Amines Ltd, Vinati Organics Ltd and several others.

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