St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures (SAVV) and Fashion Designer of International Repute, Deepthi Balagiri, Join Hands for Strategic Partnership

Mumbai: St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures (SAVV), represented by Mr Agnelorajesh Athaide, a serial and social entrepreneur, has joined hands with Deepthi Balagari, a reputed fashion designer known for her authentic Indian designs, fit and exquisite craftsmanship.

St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures (SAVV), represented by Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide, a serial and social entrepreneur, has joined hands with Deepthi Balagari, a reputed fashion designer known for her authentic Indian designs, fit and exquisite craftsmanship. With over 20 years of serving clients across USA and Canada, the JV is set to help the designer expand to over multiple cities and countries. The JV also marks the foray of Mr. Athaide, who currently has interests in Real Estate, Education, and Social Entrepreneurship, into affordable ethnic fashion.

Known among her NRI customers for her creative, affordable, yet exclusive designs with perfect fit and zero alteration, Deepthi has been a name to reckon with among most of her NRI customers across the globe. Being the creative force behind her business, Deepthi has been working with the best of Indian artisans from Lucknow and West Bengal, to curate designs that are authentic, fresh and yet distinctly traditional in nature. Moreover, her designs include 100% handmade traditional motifs and prints using hand block printing, screen printing, tie-and-dye as well as intricate embroidery. Some of her latest collections include the Artistry and Finesse Collection, with exotic designs and exquisite borders, the Floral Blossoms collection of printed sarees in vivid floral prints and the Antarang collection of sarees created with the finest of gota embroidery highlighting craftsmanship.

Speaking about her association with SAVV, Deepthi says, “I have been designing garments for over 19 years now and I am honoured to have built a happy and loyal customer base, across the world, especially USA and Canada. Designing clothes that match the tastes of my clients and help keep the Indian traditional craftsmanship alive, has been a driving force in all my collections. I am at a creative phase in my career where focusing on innovations and expansion in terms of creative variety is more inspiring. Through the partnership with SAVV, I look forward to strategic and investment support to be able to reach out to a wider audience. And I could not have asked for a better partner than Mr. Athaide, who is himself a first-generation entrepreneur and has had a proven track record of successfully skyrocketing ventures that he is associated with. His understanding of customer behaviour, latest and best technology, effective communication and his impactful global relationships will be very very helpful. The JV is also going to play an important role in helping me scale and organise my business in terms of investments into more inventory and new designs, technology adoption, new media, and integrated communication campaigns so that I can focus exclusively in creating innovative and exquisite designs that can further spread the Indian ethnic wear fashion globally.”

As a designer, Deepthi is driven to curate an aesthetic line of ethnic wear with unique Indian designs that are woven elegantly through her pastel fabric picks. Her devotion and passion towards promoting the soulful Indian designs has led her to innovate and create a brand that resonates with her patrons across the world, reflecting the rich and tasteful heritage of India. Further, she has also been working closely with over 450 artisans and their families, helping them earn a living while keeping the exquisite traditional craftsmanship alive!

Speaking about the association with Deepthi Balagiri, Mr. Athaide says, “Over the last few years, India has evolved as a major start-up hub and a haven for SME and MSME Entrepreneurs. This is an excellent opportunity to nurture intrinsically Indian traditional businesses and help them take the leap into international markets. Deepthi Balagiri has already made a name for herself as a reputed Indian designer and her work is in demand, albeit restricted to small set of loyal customers. As a serial and social entrepreneur, I see a lot of potential in her brand and I believe and admire her efforts towards working exclusively with Indian artisans and craftsmen, helping add value to the community and the traditional cultural art form. In line with the latest call to making India an economically self-reliant country, it is entrepreneurs like Deepthi that can help build a stronger international presence for brand India. Through this JV, I wish to maximise her potential and help create a strategic outreach to enhance her global presence. MADE IN INDIA is my pride Statement.”

Mr. Athaide has been working with entrepreneurs across the country, both as a mentor through his business platforms, as well as an active investor, helping businesses to scale up higher. He believes In collaborative working and supporting passionate entrepreneurs who have the zeal to growth.

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