St. Froebel School received the coveted ISA School Award 2019-2021 hosted by British Council

Mumbai: As a recognition for its yearlong pursuit for providing its students global exposure. St. Froebel School received the coveted ISA School Award 2019-2021.The award ceremony was hosted by British Council. It was moment of exuberance and euphoria when the school principal Dr. Ragini Kaul along with the coordinator Ms. Puja Khanna received the award for successfully accomplishing the objective.

The whole concept of being a part of ISA has given the students critical thinking about global issue. The school has also established links with overseas school to get global dimension embedded into teaching learning process.

The plethora of activities that encompassed students from the classes II to X had an international dimension as mandated by British Council Through careful planning all activities that were designed were linked to the existing curriculum.

St Froebel will now be counted among the few ISA accredited schools for their unique blend of Indian curriculum with the international standards The ISA journey brought about a great value addition preparing each of the students to help and to address the global issues. The ISA is yet another milestone in the school journey towards excellence.